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1 real estate delivery process

Real Estate delivery is the process of engaging in real estate delivery from the perspective of real estate. The real estate delivery process is roughly as follows:

1 The sales office informs the owner (including property owner and co owner)

1) the sales center issues a written notice under the instructions of the superior, sends it by mail, and carefully fills in the mailing address and contact information to avoid errors. After mailing, the owner shall contact by telephone to ensure that the notice is received. 2) The notice shall contain the time and place of delivery, the information required by the owner and the detailed description of the payment

2. The sales office is responsible for registering and verifying the owner information

1) on the day of delivery, the sales office is responsible for the identity of the owner of the nuclear industry. If it is the trustee, you need to check the ID card and power of attorney of the trustee, and verify with the client by telephone. 2) Please sign in the information registration form

3. The finance department verifies the owner's financial data

1) checks the fees paid by the owner. 2) Settle the payment required by the owner, collect fees and develop tickets for the owner to keep

4. Provide document inspection and ask the owner to sign relevant documents

1) issue and circulate certificates such as the certificate of comprehensive completion acceptance of real estate development and construction projects and the completion acceptance filing form to answer the owner's questions. 2) Please sign the property service agreement and other relevant documents

5. Relevant staff lead the on-site house inspection

1) lead and cooperate with the owner in house inspection activities. 2) Record and ask the owner to fill in and register the handover form of house collection

6. Issue keys

if the owner has no objection, the property can issue the key on the spot after filling in the acceptance form, and give the "housing quality guarantee" and other materials. If there is any objection, the owner shall negotiate with it and make another appointment on the delivery date

2 real estate delivery standard

1 Standards for real estate developers. For real estate developers, the premise of delivery is to have the "completion acceptance record form", "housing and land surveying and mapping technical report", "housing quality guarantee" and "housing use manual". These certificates must be obtained through formal channels. Developers should consider for the owners, carry out fine construction, maintain their own professional ethics, and must not make rough products, practice fraud, and deceive the owners by shady means. Everything should be open and fair

2. The owner's delivery standard. The owner also needs to prepare his own ID card, household register, delivery notice and other materials required according to the requirements. When delivering the house, the owner has the right to carry relevant tools for on-site measurement. From both external and internal aspects, water, electricity and other basic facilities should be comprehensively inspected, and waterproof and fire protection should also be included in the key inspection items. Consider comprehensively and check carefully

3 planning of real estate delivery activities

in real estate delivery activities, in addition to the necessary delivery process, sometimes developers will arrange the theme of the delivery activities in order to harmonize the relationship with the owner and prepare for the later real estate sales, adding a touch of humanistic color to the delivery activities. The specific planning is also different according to the different contents and themes of the developer company. Common activity planning includes the following aspects

1. Site layout

1) at the reception area of the delivery, hang colored ribbons and lay red carpets, prepare stickers for the owners, and stick the number of the owner's house, which is convenient for later activities and gives the owners a sense of belonging. 2) Prepare the wish version and invite the owners to write down their wishes to express their expectations for the new house and new life. 3) Site segmentation area. In addition to the reception, check-in, finance and other necessary areas, another area is divided to receive the owners who need to rest, and free refreshments, drinks and small toys for children to play are prepared, so that the owners can experience the kindness of the developers

2. Entertainment activities

1) people can be invited to perform live music, playing soothing violin or piano music, making the owner feel happy. 2) Invite people to play clowns or cartoon dolls, interact with children for entertainment, and distribute candy. 3) After the house is handed over, a small gift will be given by the etiquette lady when the owner is resting




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