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With the arrival time of Shangpin true color 919 my "door" crazy activity approaching, Liu Cong from Pingyi, Shandong Province is one of the students who came to Jiaxing this time. What did she gain during this period of participation in learning


with the arrival time of our "door" crazy activity of Shangpin true color 919 approaching, all participants in the study, regardless of age and seniority, have gained a lot. Liu Cong from Pingyi, Shandong Province, is one of the students who came to Jiaxing this time. What did she gain during this period of study

first contact

when I first came into contact with this team member who is younger than me, her first feeling to me was that she was cheerful. Her smile was very penetrating and friendly, which made me think that this person should be better at communicating at the first time, which was also confirmed in the subsequent conversation. The cheerful and positive energy in her words made me appreciate this girl from the beginning

growing up

when I asked her if she felt very tired during this period of participation in activities, she was like a child. She also wanted to stay in bed and go shopping every day, but the team atmosphere led her to think about how to complete the task, what she gained, and what experience can be copied to their Pingyi team

but when I asked her what she thought of the "3+1 plan" learning opportunity provided by the company, she immediately got excited and said she wanted to go. Just like this Jiaxing event, she told her boss categorically that she would participate. She believed that every learning was an exercise and growth. For her who had just done sales for two months, this was an opportunity


she also said that after going back, she would first talk to the person in charge of her store and copy what she saw and learned during this period to her team. We should raise the morale of our team, subdivide everyone's work, and do it according to our goals. She also told me quietly that she had secretly recorded the charts and tools of this activity, as well as the scripts and experiences taught by the teacher during this period. I hope you can grow together

work together

it's not long to communicate with her, but the state she shows makes me really feel how a little girl grows up quickly through an activity. For her beautiful family, the company gives everyone the same opportunity to grow up. As long as you are good at seizing opportunities, you will be able to improve yourself more and faster




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