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The color of the floor and wall determines its tone, while the lines of furniture and other soft decoration details determine the style of its home. How to choose a suitable background color for home space? Follow Yashi LAN Xiaobian to have a look

the space created by yashilan for you

is like a painting scroll

the color of the floor and wall

determines its tone

the lines of furniture and other soft decoration details

determines its home style

how to choose the appropriate background color for the home space

follow yashilan Xiaobian to have a look

choose according to the lighting conditions

floor color

rooms with insufficient lighting

floor selection is mainly

with higher brightness The color is suitable for the main

the room with good daylighting

the floor can be freely selected

soft decoration color visual effect

color will affect people's visual effect

the warm color is the expansion color

the cold color is the contraction color

the room ground with small area

choose the cold color with dark color

make people feel that the area is expanded

on the contrary, the room with large area

can be selected.Warm colors

according to the appearance of furniture Color selection

light colored furniture

can be combined with dark and light colored floors at will

but dark furniture

should be matched with dark floors with extra care

to avoid "blackness" Depressive scenes

color matching with the wall

because the wall occupies the largest area of the room color

, the matching between them cannot be ignored

the multicolor pattern of yashilan wall cloth

brings warmth to your home

how to clean up the stains on the wall cloth

1. Dry dust can be removed by tapping or dusting with a feather duster

2. Mild dirt can be removed by scrubbing with a white wet towel, and can be automatically dried in summer. In winter or rainy days, you can dry it with a hair dryer. (remember that the temperature should not be too high)

3. For severe dirt, you can wipe it with a white wet towel with some neutral detergent, or scrub it with soap or a special detergent for yashilan wallcovering, and it can be basically cleaned. Oh ~

yashilan seamless wallcovering always focuses on the perfect combination of the artistic needs of modern home life and China's Millennium fabric weaving technology, and creates a colorful bubble legend with art as the guide and process innovation as the support, For the purpose of inheriting jacquard classics and creating brilliant embroidery, the seamless wall fabric is raised to the height of art, and a variety of artistic wall fabric products are provided for people who pursue quality life

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