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Some of the decoration owners in Wuhan buy small-sized commercial and residential dual-use houses. For owners who have business office needs, how to use the commercial and residential dual-use building in hand for office decoration? Today, Xiaobian will bring you a 52 square meter small-sized commercial office decoration design case

commercial office decoration design 1 The design key of the gate: Marble design editor's recommendation: simple and quiet Japanese Zen style, plus black and gray colored stones as the design keynote of the color of the gate, the designer hopes to guide the deep expectation and ideal of the owner for the home with this simple design method

commercial office decoration design 2 Conference area

design focus: glass design

editor's recommendation: through the arrangement of large-area clear glass, it is easy to visually extend the internal and external space, and through the rhythm of indirect and direct light sources, it harmoniously shows the wonderful sense of hierarchy of space

conference area

design focus: overall ceiling modeling

editor's recommendation: use classical vocabulary as totem wallpaper to make an overall shape for the wall and ceiling, equipped with black crystal chandelier lighting, and gently express the graceful style of low-key luxury

commercial office decoration design 3 The conference area looks towards the office area

design focus: purple and white collocation

editor's recommendation: the whole area takes purple as the space tone, white as the interpretation of line surface tension, or in the deep or shallow color tone, there is an elegant and meticulous attitude towards life

commercial office decoration design 4 The conference area looks towards the reception area

design focus: half partition design

editor's recommendation: the reception area and the conference area are planned in an open manner, with both space use for rest and reading materials. The partition screen in the office area is presented in a half height manner, emphasizing the visual extension effect

commercial office decoration design 5 Reception area

design focus: bookcase design

editor's recommendation: bookcases in the reception area are decorated with black wood veneer as the border, matched with a white background, to jointly interpret the image performance of elegant classical fashion to vision

commercial office decoration design 6 Office area

design focus: blank treatment

editor's recommendation: look around the arrangement of the office area, with a large amount of white as the main tone, through the neat arrangement of indirect light sources, the cabinet body is processed on the line and surface, without too much decoration, but also gives the most harmonious and coordinated expression of the space

the above is the case of low-key luxury small family commercial office decoration design recommended by Xiaobian. I hope that the commercial office decoration of the owners of both commercial and residential houses will be helpful




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