Safety technology of the most exergy operation

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Safety technology for hot work

1 Where fire is used on equipment, containers and pipelines for the production, storage and transportation of combustible materials, the source of materials shall be cut off first and blind plates shall be added; After thorough purging, cleaning and replacement, open the manhole for ventilation; When opening the manhole, it shall be opened from top to bottom, and the fire can be used only after the analysis is qualified; If the fire is continued after an interval of more than 1 hour, the fire analysis shall be conducted again, or the fire can be used only after the pipeline and container are filled with water

2. In the normal operation and production area, all available and unused fire shall not be used. All equipment and pipelines that can be removed shall be removed and moved to a safe place for fire, and class I fire shall be strictly controlled

3. The fire use approver shall go to the site for inspection and issue the fire use permit of Sinopec only after the fire prevention measures are implemented

4. One hot work permit can only be used for one place. One place (one hot work place), one permit (hot work permit) and one person (hot work supervisor) shall be implemented. One Sinopec hot work permit shall not be used for multiple places

5. The valid time of Sinopec hot work permit of oil field and sales enterprises is one operation cycle, but not more than 5 days at most; The valid time of class I Sinopec hot work permit for refining and chemical enterprises shall not exceed 8 hours, class II Sinopec hot work permit shall not exceed 3 days, and class III and super Sinopec hot work permit shall not exceed 5 days. If the operation is interrupted for more than 1 hour and the fire is continued, the supervisor, the fire user and the person in charge of the site shall reconfirm. Fixed fire points shall be inspected and identified every six months

6. Fire analysis. All towers, tanks, vessels and other equipment and pipelines that need fire shall be subject to internal and environmental gas analysis. The analysis data shall be filled in the fire work permit of Sinopec, and the analysis sheet shall be attached to the stub of the fire work permit of Sinopec for future reference and implementation of fire prevention measures. When the lower explosive limit of combustible gas is greater than 4%, the analysis and detection data is less than 0.5%; When the lower explosive limit of combustible gas is less than 4%, the analysis and detection data is less than 0.2%

7. If there are toxic and harmful media in the fire area, the concentration shall be detected and analyzed. If the content exceeds the maximum allowable concentration of harmful substances in the air of the workshop, corresponding safety measures shall be taken and noted on the fire work permit of Sinopec

8. The construction unit shall make all preparations before construction, and the test center (room) shall shorten the sampling and analysis time as far as possible to create conditions for fire operation

9. After the shutdown and overhaul device is completely removed, purged, replaced and analyzed to be qualified, and effective isolation measures are taken with the system, the first equipment, vessel and pipeline fire shall be sampled and analyzed to be qualified

10. The equipment, vessel and process system have been effectively isolated, and there are no jackets, fillers, linings, sealing rings, etc. inside, which will no longer release toxic, harmful and combustible gases. After the first sampling and analysis, the analysis data will be valid for a long time; When there are jackets, fillers, linings, sealing rings, etc. in the equipment and containers, which may release toxic, harmful and combustible gases to realize the real high-end and technicalization of relevant industries, and the fire is used more than 1 hour after the sampling and analysis is qualified, the fire must be used after the re detection and analysis is qualified

11. During the shutdown and purging of the unit, all open flame operations are strictly prohibited. In the process of hot work, when the work content or environmental conditions change, the work shall be stopped immediately, and Sinopec's hot work permit shall be abolished at the same time

12. All combustibles on the site shall be removed before using the fire, and fire-fighting equipment shall be prepared. During fire use, it is forbidden to discharge all kinds of combustible gases within 30m from the fire point and all kinds of combustible liquids within 15m. Combustible solvent cleaning and painting shall not be carried out at the same time in the same hot work area

13. When the new project needs fire, the construction unit (Contractor) shall apply for fire, and the regional unit under the jurisdiction of the fire site shall be responsible for handling the fire operation permit issued by Sinopec to effectively protect and extend the service life of the testing machine, and assign a fire supervisor

14. When the construction fire operation involves other jurisdictions that also help the whole industry to develop towards social professional cooperation, the leaders of the units in the jurisdiction shall review and countersign, and the units of both parties shall jointly implement safety measures, and each shall send a fire guardian to review and approve according to the fire level before using fire

15. Safety supervision during fire operation. Three no fires are implemented for fire operation, that is, no fire without an approved fire operation permit, no fire when the fire guardian is not on site, and no fire prevention measures. He thinks this is just a gimmick: unless the user proposes and pays additional verification fees in advance to implement no fire. Leaders at all levels and full-time safety and fire management personnel of the safety supervision and management department and the fire department have the right to inspect the fire operation at any time. In case of any hot work or dangerous hot work violating the fire management system, it shall have the right to withdraw the hot work permit, stop using fire, and seriously deal with the violators according to the violation circumstances

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