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Daqing Oilfield Chemical methanol branch safety work record

Daqing Oilfield Chemical Group has formed its own safety work characteristics at present, among which the implementation, controlled management and safety culture construction of the methanol branch have been affirmed, and the safety standardized sample workshop, star fleet and advanced safety management boiler room have been emerging

linear and localized management is an important guarantee for safe production of Daqing oilfield chemical industry group. In order to reach 12% In the straight line, leaders at all levels of the methanol branch make commitments to safety, put them into action, set an example and go deep into the site to solve problems. The company has signed the safety and environmental protection book with the group company and 8 grass-roots units respectively, so that the indicators are broken down layer by layer, and the data collected in this experiment are recorded in the computer layer by layer, so that the instrument can be implemented in the next experiment. Define the contractor contacts of key devices and key parts, specify the inspection frequency of personnel at all levels, and help solve various problems in safety production

last year, the company identified 385 hidden dangers, all of which were rectified. At the same time, the safety and environmental protection performance of leading cadres was quantitatively assessed through the semi annual safety report of all staff, so as to promote the improvement of the work level of personnel at all levels. According to the requirements of the group's integrated management system and in combination with the actual production, methanol branch has prepared and revised 31 rules and regulations, 219 post safety systems and 6 safety operation technical regulations, so as to make the safety management procedure documents, operation documents and safety records more reasonable and meet the needs of safety production

in dealing with potential safety hazards, methanol branch always adheres to the concept of "details determine success or failure, precision can be safe" and "search for potential safety hazards like treasure hunt", and encourages employees to conduct detailed quantitative inspection. Last year, the methanol branch conducted 434 safety inspections and found 904 problems of various types, including 48 major potential safety hazards, and awarded employees more than 7000 yuan

the company has increased the management of the whole process of construction. In the process of equipment maintenance, the principle of "who is in charge, who is responsible" has been followed to strictly carry out construction management. If the scheme and measures are not implemented, construction will not be carried out. At the same time, strengthen on-site safety supervision, set up on-site safety inspectors to conduct on-site supervision and inspection. They also take a variety of training methods to improve employees' safety awareness and skills. Through the methanol leakage emergency drill in the methanol tank farm and other activities, the skills reserve has been prepared to eliminate potential safety hazards and avoid safety accidents

to build a safety culture in an enterprise, it is necessary to change the concept of employees and cultivate their good habits. The synthetic ammonia workshop has compiled and printed a series of lessons learned from hidden danger investigation to improve the content of the safety culture corridor. The power workshop took the opportunity of the boiler marriage mode being recognized by all parties to compete for the advanced boiler room of the group's safety management. It maintained a serious attitude on the "ten no's" such as poor safety awareness and forgetting safety responsibilities. It advocated that more mastering of safety knowledge, more practice of safety skills, more discussion of safety problems, more learning of safety experience, etc. to create a strong safety culture atmosphere

good safety culture has created a safety record. The second methanol workshop focused on the elimination of unplanned parking, carried out the construction of safety culture such as family home, man-machine dialogue and safety experience sharing, and achieved 225 days of continuous production record. The first methanol workshop vigorously carries out safety visualization construction, improves the safety culture construction of the workshop, and builds a safety standardization model workshop

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