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From human and animal power to mechanical operation - the development of agricultural machinery has boosted the great change of agricultural production mode in the past 40 years

from human and animal power to mechanical operation - the development of agricultural machinery has boosted the great change of agricultural production mode in the past 40 years

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original title: from human and animal power to mechanical operation - the development of agricultural machinery has boosted the great change of agricultural production mode in the past 40 years

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, December 14 Mainly - the development of agricultural machinery has boosted the great changes in the mode of agricultural production in the past 40 years

Xinhua News Agency Yu Wenjing, Yang Zhe, Bai Tiantian

from the time when there were barren meadows everywhere, a "company" of more than 60 households had only three small machines, and the autumn harvest was able to work until the next new year's day, until now they grow 520 mu of rice by themselves, plus being a harvester driver, The annual income can reach more than 200000 yuan... He has worked in Qixing farm of Sanjiang Administration Bureau of Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation for nearly 40 years. Qin Sili, 57, witnessed the development process from "Beidahuang" to "beidachang", and experienced a profound change in China's agricultural production tools that led to the great development of productivity

once upon a time, the mechanization of agricultural production was the expectation of hundreds of millions of Chinese farmers. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, through unremitting efforts, this dream has become a reality, and farmers have finally been liberated from the heavy physical labor of "facing the Loess and facing the sky"

In the past 40 years, the development of Agricultural Mechanization in China has gone through different periods of practice and exploration. From agricultural mechanization development mechanism transformation, fluctuation adjustment, slow development; To the market demand of agricultural mechanization, gradually develop, accumulate strength and develop steadily; Then to the construction of laws and regulations and the gradual improvement of the policy supply system, with burst vitality and rapid development; Up to now, the reform and innovation of agricultural mechanization has been further strengthened, showing a new trend of whole process promotion and all-round development

according to the data of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, 2 for the readers, in 2018, the comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvest in China exceeded 67%, and more than 300 demonstration counties took the lead in basically realizing the whole process mechanization. The machine planting (sowing) rate of rice is more than 48%, the machine yield of corn and potato is close to 70% and 30% respectively, the mechanization rate of rape harvest, peanut planting and harvest is more than 40%, and the capacity of mechanized equipment in Guangxi and other major sugarcane producing areas is accelerated to optimize and improve

the field of agricultural mechanization is expanding from staple crops to economic crops such as fruit, vegetable and tea, from planting to animal husbandry, fishery, primary processing industry and facility agriculture, from plain areas to hilly and mountainous areas, and from agricultural production to farmers' life and rural ecology

In the past 40 years, China's agricultural production has achieved a historic leap from human and animal power to mechanical operation. The development of agricultural machinery has improved labor efficiency and provided a strong material and equipment guarantee for agriculture, especially for grain production. The emergence of a number of automated and intelligent agricultural machinery has gradually made "machine replacement" a trend

in an interview in Hengyang County, Hunan Province, a major grain production county, this autumn, it was found that the burning of straw with white smoke in the past had disappeared and was replaced by a "new weapon" for harvesting straw

"the straw here doesn't burn, and it turns waste into treasure." Liuzhun, head of Hengyang County rich farmer high-quality rice planting professional cooperative, said

this new agricultural machine, crawler type straw baler, travels in a zigzag shape in the field. The front of the machine body is similar to a harvester, and the appearance and performance of the sample can not be affected when the straw is "eaten". Every ten or twenty seconds, the box sized "straw bag" spits out from the back of the fuselage. A baler can harvest 15 to 16 tons of straw per day

in the past 40 years, China has further enriched the types of agricultural machinery, including both "Big Mac" large agricultural machinery and small agricultural machinery adapted to local conditions. The agricultural machinery industry has been able to produce machinery products and equipment required by seven categories of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, agricultural transportation, agricultural product processing and renewable energy, forming large, medium and small models and product systems that are basically compatible with China's agricultural development level

The executive meeting of the State Council held on December 12 made it clear that in accordance with the implementation of the strategic deployment of rural revitalization, accelerating agricultural mechanization and upgrading of agricultural machinery and equipment is an important support for agricultural modernization and increasing farmers' income, and is also conducive to expanding the domestic market. We should meet the needs of developing various forms of moderate scale operations, respect the wishes of farmers, give play to the role of market mechanisms and grass-roots creativity, and advance in an orderly manner according to local conditions

the meeting called for focusing on weaknesses and weaknesses to speed up agricultural machinery and equipment innovation and industrial transformation. Large enterprises are encouraged to transform to complete equipment integration. We should pay close attention to solving the problem of "inorganic availability" in the weak links of major economic crops. Improve the quality of agricultural machinery and equipment. Explore new R & D and production modes such as "enterprise + cooperative + base"

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