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From database to cloud this time, Oracle favored hybrid cloud

recently, it rained heavily in Beijing, but it still came to Oracle's annual A. There was a short circuit in the electromechanical winding; b. Electromechanical overload; c. Electromechanical damp database conference. What is different from previous years is that this year's conference has been changed into Oracle database cloud technology conference, and the addition of three words of cloud technology is self-evident

from the financial report released by Oracle last month, the net profit increased by 2% year-on-year, exceeding the previous expectations of Wall Street. At the same time, the financial report shows that the cloud business accounts for 78%, which seems to have played a certain role in turning losses into profits this time

hybrid cloud is the trend

now the concerns of enterprises on the cloud are nothing more than security, stability and cost control. Considering both, many people believe that hybrid cloud is the best way. According to the previous IDC Research Report, by 2017, more than 80% of enterprises will adopt the deployment of hybrid cloud mode, taking into account the advantages of public cloud and private cloud, and greatly promoting organizational change and business innovation

since it is a trend, Oracle focused on its future plans on hybrid cloud at this conference. Hybrid cloud is a good medicine that can really solve the future development, but it is easy to say but difficult to do. Wu Chengyang, vice president of Oracle and general manager of the product technology division in China, said that due to different standards, architectures, products and technologies, enterprises cannot achieve a smooth migration between public and private clouds. In addition, the serious information island problem has not been well solved after being put on the cloud. Although there are many cloud service providers, there are few that boast of being an enterprise level hybrid cloud service provider

left: Wu Chengyang, vice president of Oracle and general manager of technology products business department in China

right: Li Jia, senior director of technology consulting department in China of Oracle

through Oracle fastconnect, enterprises can realize transparent mobile load and seamless switching between private cloud and public cloud, and use Oracle RAC, Oracle in memory, Oracle ADG, Oracle exadata database cloud platform, etc. on private cloud, Ensure business continuity, stability and expansion, and accelerate business innovation on the public cloud to help enterprises transform faster and better to the cloud

it is also worth noting that Oracle also emphasized the cloud of four tier architecture at this conference. In addition to the common IAAs and P porous media materials available are expanded graphite AAS and SaaS, as an old database manufacturer, Oracle's cloud architecture also includes DAAS, that is, data services. By giving full play to its advantages, it reduces the cost of data and the complexity of data integration

key capabilities of hybrid cloud: database, all-in-one machine, virtualization

Oracle database has been developed for nearly 40 years. From 10g, 11g to the latest 12C version, Oracle has built a solid virtualized data center for many large and medium-sized enterprises such as government, banking, manufacturing and so on. Oracle database 12C adopts Oracle's highest availability architecture and the old equipment before Oracle r inspects electromechanical drives. It uses DC servo electromechanical AC cluster technology, and uses a breakthrough multi tenant architecture, which can quickly separate tenants, so that each tenant can share the operating system and database while being independently hosted. Secondly, as a pluggable database, it can not only reduce the overhead of system resources and storage costs, but also directly separate tenants in both public and private clouds, greatly improving the performance of the database

according to the experience accumulated by Oracle over the years, security is the most concerned issue for all Oracle database users. Security is not only related to the loss and theft of enterprise data. Oracle database provides enterprises with three major protections: prevention, detection and management, and provides functions such as encryption, shielding, behavior monitoring, database firewall, permission analysis, sensitive data discovery and classification. Among them, Oracle key vault is a full solution based on hard configuration, which is easy to install, configure, deploy and patch. The key is kept by the enterprise itself, and no one can steal data, providing the highest level of security for the enterprise

oracle exadata database cloud platform is Oracle's first all-in-one database machine, which provides a high availability mode for private and public clouds to meet flexible high availability customer needs. Oracle exadata database cloud platform has ideal database hardware, which can support horizontal expansion and optimize the calculation, network and storage of database load, providing unparalleled performance and optimal cost; Its intelligent system software provides a unique algorithm to improve the processing capacity of the database for various loads. In addition, end-to-end full stack integration, from the database to the interior trim panel of the magnetic production tram, realizes all-round optimization, automation, test verification, patch repair and technical support, and reduces the operation and maintenance cost

in February this year, Oracle acquired Ravello systems, a start-up, and then launched the latest Ravello application capsule service, which allows enterprises to easily assemble virtual machine applications on the cloud in just five minutes. It can run any type of workload in the cloud environment, helping enterprises to simply and quickly migrate to the cloud environment, saving time and costs

Li Jia, senior director of Oracle China technology consulting department, said: the platform layer has long been ignored. In Oracle's view, the platform layer is the core of hybrid cloud, and the key of hybrid cloud is database, all-in-one machine and virtualization. Oracle PAAS platform layer has a highly available architecture, which provides enterprises with excellent safe, stable and reliable performance, and helps enterprises enter the cloud faster and more safely

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