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on June 22, the image of Huawei's China government and enterprise business executive was officially released. At the same time, it announced that the executive bank focused on the new concept of industry digital transformation, highlighting Huawei's determination to help customers create the actual value of digital transformation by providing professional industry digital transformation capabilities

the main vision of the knowledgeable image presented this time is composed of two red arrows connected end to end, representing integration and Transformation: Huawei's Chinese government and enterprise business, which has been deeply cultivated in the industry market for many years, actively promotes the deep integration of industry and technology, comes from the industry, goes to the industry, and hopes to work together with the ecosystem, accumulate in an accelerated changing environment, and create unlimited possibilities for the digital transformation of the industry

the main vision of the knowledgeable image the appearance of the knowledgeable image can be described as a homeopathic move in adversity. In 2020, the correlation between black swan and butterfly effect occurred frequently. Affected by the epidemic, the downward pressure on the economy increased and the environmental uncertainty intensified. In this era of many uncertain factors, scientific and technological innovation has become the key to deal with. In the special intersection period of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, enterprises have accelerated the process of digital transformation driven from the inside out, which has brought development vitality and deterministic value to thousands of industries in an uncertain era

the current industry digitalization turns to measuring the wear scar diameter of any one or three steel balls in the ball box after each experiment, entering the deep-water area. Digital technology gradually enters the production system and decision-making system from the support system, giving rise to a greater demand for ICT capacity. From chimney island to interconnection, business digitalization realizes full connection and comprehensive collaboration. At the same time, ecology is no longer the medium between traditional manufacturers and customers, but integrates multiple capabilities into a part of customer service capabilities

digital transformation is no longer a short slogan, and enterprises should not only talk about transformation on paper, but should truly integrate digital genes into key businesses. Enterprise CXOs also took advantage of the trend to pay more attention to the value presentation of industry digital transformation, and thus formed a consensus: accelerating the value landing of industry digital transformation is the only certainty in this uncertain era

the new infrastructure brings (4) high-tech opportunities for the cost of fully automatic fixtures, which has become a new engine driving the digital transformation of various industries. For every CXO, to open up a new situation, we need to open up new ideas. In addition to actively embracing new connection and new computing, we also need professional and leading industry digital transformation partners to move forward hand in hand, create new opportunities in adversity, explore a smooth path in the environment of black swan, and create a new speed of industry digital transformation

Huawei China's government and enterprise business, understands industry trends and customer needs, understands technological innovation and scenario application, understands ecological development and value enhancement, has the professional ability and profound accumulation necessary for the industry market, and has been in a leading position in the same industry. Huawei's China government and enterprise business focuses on the digital transformation of the industry and helps customers in various industries speed up the transformation

as shown in the advertising pictures of the image series of Zhihang, from the business of industry development, Huawei China's government and enterprise business is well aware that only by joining the game, can it actively understand and stimulate the trend demand of digitalization in various industries, deepen the industry, dig deep into the pain points of the industry, and anchor the opportunity scene of business innovation with customers. We are also well aware of the energy of integration, the deep integration of innovative technologies and industry scenarios, constantly optimize products, solutions and services around specific needs, and flexibly and quickly match business evolution

our confidence in knowledge also comes from our rich practical experience in establishing long-term cooperative relations with customers. On the one hand, experience comes from oneself. As an enterprise focusing on ICT for more than 30 years, Huawei also has a strong demand for digital transformation, and continues to carry out active digital exploration in R & D, sales, supply, delivery and other business areas. Global R & D collaboration, smart parks, and Huawei cloud welink have all become star cases and benchmark practices of Huawei's own digital transformation

in the government enterprise industry market, based on its successful practice and long-term rich experience, Huawei China's government enterprise business, together with the vast number of ecological partners, creates innovative scenario solutions for customers in various industries and realizes new value creation. In the field of transportation, we know how to make goods operate efficiently and accelerate their displacement, so as to build a smart port where goods can find their own way; We know how to build a smart four airport, so that heaven and earth are interconnected and efficient. In the financial field, we know how to connect smart banks with customers; In the field of education, we know how to drive personalized teaching and learning with a large education platform; In the field of oil and gas, we know how to build an oil and gas knowledge map based on artificial intelligence platform to make underground oil appear faster. We also understand the real needs of cities, medical treatment, parks, manufacturing and other fields, and have accumulated rich practical experience in digital transformation, hoping to promote the accelerated integration of innovative technology and industry development, and help customers see and understand the future of the industry in the transformation in the tacit innovation of mutual understanding

Zhixing focuses on the digital transformation of the industry. The more uncertain the era is, the more customers need a professional and leading partner for the digital transformation of the industry. The tangible hand of the government plays a decisive role, and we will work hard and make new achievements against the trend. Huawei China's government and enterprise business is willing to give play to its knowledgeable advantages, provide professional and leading industry digital transformation capabilities, work with the vast number of ecological partners, realize the resonance between industry scenarios and innovative technologies, enhance the resilience in the face of downward pressure, and help customers create greater value for digital transformation; At the same time, we should shoulder the mission of the times, forge ahead, accumulate and make progress, help the construction of Digital China, and jointly build an intelligent world with interconnected things

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