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Foton Lovol: innovative service mode informatization support service

Foton Lovol: innovative service mode informatization support service

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Guide: Lao Zhao, who operates agricultural machinery equipment leasing, is no longer as anxious and sleepless as he used to be in the peak service seasons of summer and autumn. As a loyal user of Foton Lovol heavy industry, the upgrading of the company's after-sales service platform based on IOT can not only provide remote diagnosis and fault diagnosis for its agricultural machinery equipment

Lao Zhao, who manages the leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment, is no longer as anxious and sleepless as he used to be in the "three summer" and "three autumn" service peak seasons. As a loyal user of Foton Lovol heavy industry, the upgrading of the company's after-sales service platform based on IOT can not only provide guidance on diagnosis, troubleshooting and service for his agricultural machinery equipment remotely, but also provide equipment fault early warning, rapid parts and service scheduling, and provide fast, real-time and zero distance services, relieving Lao Zhao of his worries. With the help of informatization, Foton Lovol heavy industry not only meets the needs of customers, but also better promotes the development of the company's business

Foton Lovol heavy industry was founded in 1998. After 14 years of development, it has become a large equipment manufacturing enterprise covering the comprehensive development of construction machinery, agricultural equipment, vehicles and core parts. In 2011, it achieved a sales revenue of 16 billion yuan and a brand value of 17.736 billion yuan. Knowing users' dependence and desire for services, the company is also constantly innovating its service model to make users feel more value-added while achieving rapid development. In 2003, Foton Lovol heavy industry invested 20million yuan to build the only information service center in the domestic machinery and equipment industry, opening 24-hour services nationwide to provide users with timely and effective all-round information services. In order to better meet the needs of users, the information service center has been upgraded five times. In 2011, Foton Lovol heavy industry invested more than 10 million yuan to upgrade the information center system for the fifth time, upgrading the original single service mode to a service information platform integrating voice interactive response, professional information processing and computer network data support. Through modern information service means such as, software platform, SMS platform, platform, GPS, e-mail, e-fax, it has established a full-time Seamless information transmission hub. At present, the system platform has successfully covered more than 50 countries and regions, including more than 2000 domestic and foreign dealers and service providers, forming a collaborative management system that can provide sales management, market management, call service management, after-sales claim management and a series of service support for the company and domestic and foreign dealers

Li Jinliang, it director of Foton Lovol heavy industry told, "Through this system, the company has realized the whole process management of the customer's life cycle, which is due to the real-time monitoring of both elastomer customers, which can understand the customer's needs at the first time; it has also realized the standardized management of the customer return visit and claim process, strengthened and improved the tracking of the event processing results, and ensured that the event is completely closed-loop to achieve user satisfaction." At present, this management mode has been successfully applied to the daily management of overseas channels, and has become a powerful boost to the steady progress of Foton Lovol heavy industries' overseas business

at the same time, in key seasons such as summer and autumn every year, Foton Lovol heavy industry information service center will also provide users of agricultural equipment products with accurate and detailed information service support to take the lead in the construction of "graphene environmental corrosion thematic database". It is understood that Foton Lovol heavy industry will refine the information into "3+5+1" according to the different degrees of users' demand for information. "3" refers to the three major information of operation skills, agricultural machinery maintenance and technical maintenance, which mainly involves the use and maintenance of agricultural machinery products. The high demand of users of such information directly determines the level of users' operation of machines; "5" includes operation progress, machine collection price, supply and demand information, weather and traffic information, which is directly related to the flow direction of users' cross regional machine collection and the knowledge benefits of users who want to know more about the experimental machine; "1" is comprehensive information and policy information that users pay more attention to. The "3+5+1" information classification is more in line with the actual needs of users and better meets the needs of users for information. Master Li, who has participated in the cross region machine collection for many years, told, "during the cross region operation every year, we can receive SMS from Foton Lovol heavy industry information service center. We arrange according to the SMS prompt, which is very convenient and effective. It not only saves us operation time, but also guarantees our income."

minxiangrui, the head of the information service center, told that there was another important innovation in the information service center in the first half of this year: breaking the previous single way of "dispatch" and realizing "SMS dispatch". After the service receives the customer's call for repair, if it is necessary to coordinate with the terminal service provider to carry out repair services, the agent will carry out dispatch services to the market through "SMS dispatch". When the market terminal receives the dispatch SMS sent by the SMS platform, it should reply to the processing process of the information according to the SMS requirements and time points until the information return visit closed loop. Min Xiangrui told that the biggest feature of this model is to strengthen the management of service personnel and effectively ensure the service efficiency

in terms of accessories service, the company has realized the information management of accessories since 2010. According to the personnel of IT Department of Foton Lovol heavy industry, the system realizes the unified coding management of nearly 10000 kinds of spare parts resources, realizes the unified information management of Foton Lovol heavy industry and its dealers in the submission, supply and shipment of spare parts, and realizes the high integration and unification of logistics, information flow and capital flow. The operation of the system has improved the accuracy of parts purchase orders to 95%, controlled the error rate of parts delivery within 2%, and shortened the supply cycle of parts by an average of 2 days. This year, through the system upgrade, the information service center has realized the in-depth docking with the company's VEI system, realized the unified allocation and management of information and accessories resources, and can provide comprehensive service support for cross regional robots

the development of informatization not only supports the company's service-oriented, but also effectively supports the unique R & D and global market-oriented "new two ends out" development mode of Foton Lovol heavy industry. In order to adapt to the future globalization development strategy, the company has successfully established a global technological innovation system integrating Europe, Japan, Tianjin and Shandong, and achieved the design collaboration and data sharing of a technological innovation system consisting of only 4% solid polyurethane through information construction. The establishment of this technological innovation system will make better use of global talents and technological resources to create first-class products and steadily promote the globalization development of the company. Under the situation that the development of the whole machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is slowing down, the company has achieved a counter trend rise in its overseas business. In this month, Foton Lovol heavy industry achieved sales of nearly 20000 overseas products, an increase of 29.9% year-on-year

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