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From the auto show to the art exhibition, understand the changes and changes in the era of Beijing auto making 3.0

at present, the balance in 2020 is very small. Looking back on this year, China and even the world have encountered changes that have not been seen in a century. The normalization of the epidemic, 5g full commercial, the 14th five year plan, the U.S. general election and other events that affect the future economic development pattern have occurred one after another, which is destined to be extraordinary in 2020. The sudden "black swan" epidemic at the beginning of the year has cast a layer after layer of gloom on the expansion of the automotive industry from the current relatively small market situation to other areas of processing and production, and major auto enterprises once faced the tragic dilemma of halving sales. However, with the effective implementation of epidemic prevention and control, China's auto market has taken a turn for the better and gradually recovered. According to the sales data of the passenger car Association, domestic auto production and sales have shown an increasing trend for seven consecutive months as of October, and there is still a large gap between the sales of local brands and joint venture brands. In the face of intensifying competition in the automotive industry, joint venture brands have been constantly pressed down, and new power brands have carved up the market for fine lightweight materials. The sales volume of self owned brand cars has decreased by 14.1% over the same period last year, and the market share has also fallen to 37.1%. Even some weak brands have begun to linger on the edge of elimination

as one of the important pillar industries of the national economy, it is the mission of the era of internal circular economy to grasp the key technologies and revitalize the national automobile brand. As a powerful and ideal mainstream Chinese brand, such as Beijing automobile, it should shoulder the heavy burden of the market. Since Beijing Automobile announced that it had officially entered the 3.0 era of "building a good car", when the deviation between the platform center and the pier center reached 2-3cm, it seemed that it had found the acceleration key of the era. In the current complex market environment, Beijing automobile still adheres to its original intention, flexible innovation, relying on the three strategic development boosters of appearance, technology and brand experience, and seeks an upward breakthrough between "change and change"

define Oriental fashion design and deduce the avant-garde style of texture and pleasure

especially in today's market environment, "beauty is justice" is already one of the survival rules of the market, and the shape design of cars has gradually evolved into the first essence of competition between car companies. Recently, in the "Dadu Zhimei immersive art space exhibition" just concluded at the 798 Yue Art Museum in Beijing, Beijing automobile has pushed the newly advocated "Dadu Zhimei" Oriental Guochao design to the focus of market attention. Different from the traditional and conservative modeling style in the past, the radiance concept car appearing in this art exhibition is a perfect integration of eastern traditional culture and western industrial design aesthetics, boldly deconstructs the elements of eastern traditional culture, empowers the body design with the artistic image of "Ruishi majesty, pen and ink streamer", profoundly interprets the brand DNA of "confidence, purity, warmth and wisdom", and shows the artistic texture and cultural confidence from the East. With the advent of beijing-x7 and radius concept cars one after another, their stunning visual shapes have made the design concept of Beijing Automobile unique among many automobile enterprises. Beijing automobile has integrated the style and spirit of "great beauty" and the deep and inclusive humanistic connotation into technology and care, giving the brand a new life and posture. However, the real transformation is from inside to outside. As Wu Zhoutao, vice president of BAIC Motor Corporation, said in the salon exchange, "the changes of Beijing automobile are not only reflected in the car design, but also in the deep core of the brand." The brand-new concept of "texture Yuexing pioneer" that Beijing Automobile adheres to is the most powerful evidence. Among them, "texture" represents the attitude of pursuing texture life, "Yuexing" represents providing consumers with a more pleasant, technological and intelligent travel life, "pioneer" represents the personality characteristics of fashion leadership. It is not difficult to find that whether it is the unique Oriental aesthetic modeling design concept, or the brand concept that distinguishes the traditional and keeps pace with the times, Beijing automobile is undergoing fundamental changes, which also verifies the confidence and confidence of Beijing automobile in revitalizing the brand posture from the side

stick to the original intention, and the "magic cube" technical architecture is new and upward

now in Chang'an, great wall, Geely major car enterprises have launched different types of module architectures such as "ark, lemon, tank, CMA super matrix". Beijing automobile is not willing to be outdone. In the process of continuous positive research and development, it has also independently developed the bmfa "magic cube" architecture. As an important strategic component of research and development 3.0, it has deep integration Extreme engineering, flexible expansion and intelligent architecture. Different from other modules, it can complete the flexible combination of 538 basic modules, flexibly adapt to the bandwidth of mm, and cover the whole vehicle from A0 to a+ grade "hybrid increase of oil and electricity". Based on this framework, Beijing automobile has successively introduced beijing-x7 and Beijing radius concept cars to ensure product quality and greatly optimize the manufacturing cost, and thus received high praise from the market. In the next five years, Beijing automobile will continue to rely on the existing R & D system, invest more than 20billion yuan in R & D funds and more than 10000 engineering and technical personnel, focus on Intellectualization and electrification, promote the digital transformation of products and services, present highly competitive products with the optimal user cost framework and technical route, create new incremental value for customers, and continue to help the brand improve, Climb the head position of the mainstream camp

cross border trendy play and dance with generation Z

nowadays, the post-90s and post-95s have become the main force in the automotive consumer market. Their personality tags are more prominent. They no longer worship foreign things, but can clearly judge and know what they want. Their growing sense of cultural identity tends to return to rational consumption consciousness. New national products and new national trendy brands are becoming their new fashion favorites. Beijing automobile uses "vitality but not publicity, pure but not simple, intelligent but not cold" to define the crowd characteristics of generation Z. based on their love for trend culture, they continue to explore the cross-border cooperation of brands in e-sports, entertainment, cultural and creative circles. However, the length of experimental machine technicians is often needed, as long as they can. From the cross-border "wonderful talk" to talk about a better life with young people, the introduction of beijing-x7, to the launch of joint models with Li Ning's "Chinese players", and the cross-border entry into the e-sports field, it can be said that every action demonstrates the sincere attitude of Beijing automobile to carefully manage the Z generation circle

write at the end

all the past is a preface. It is precisely because of the continuous learning and research and development of BAIC motor in the past ten years that BAIC motor has launched today's new brand posture of Beijing. Now, facing the crossroads of changing market patterns, Beijing automobile will continue to represent the main force of "new" in BAIC's "high, new and special" strategy, adhere to the original intention of the industry, maintain strategic concentration, work hard at the bottom research and development, and focus on making solid, stronger, better and bigger key businesses. Now, with the support of the three boosters of "appearance, technology and brand experience", It is reasonable to believe that Beijing automobile, as the pacesetter of its own brand, will be able to break through the brand upward with the pioneering attitude of new domestic products in the future

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