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I have used my friend to comment on ronshen/Rongsheng BCD

and output the experimental report that meets the standard requirements (1) the refrigerator has a good appearance and feels very tall. The division is also reasonable. Not much noise

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(2) when buying large household appliances on the Internet for the first time, it has always been worried that it will be different from physical stores. After receiving it, it is really satisfied, there is no bump, and the appearance and configuration are very convenient and fast; High, and there is wireless connection. The seller's service attitude is also super patient and very satisfied with a shopping

(3) the delivery is very fast, that is, the delivery master agreed that the time was not right, which made me wait for a long time. There was a little problem when I entered the house. The refrigerator was still quite atmospheric and had not been operated. The master said that it would be put into use for 6 hours. The house had just been decorated and the sanitation was not in place, so I was not ready to open it for the time being, and I would review it later

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II. Functional features and detailed configuration parameters

ronshen/Rongsheng bcd-416wd11fpca four door refrigerator functional features:

detailed configuration parameters:

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