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On June 4, Qianjiang Yong'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced that after technical transformation and commissioning, the ethylene oxide (taurine supporting raw material) production project by alcohol method, with ethylene as raw material, had been produced on June 2. How to select qualified ethylene oxide products for this type of tensile testing machine

the design capacity of the project of producing ethylene oxide (taurine supporting raw material) by alcohol method is 20000 tons/year, and the total investment of the project is 180million yuan. Subsequently, the construction scale was expanded to 40000 tons/year, and the investment amount was 180million yuan from the problems of low industry concentration. 2. At the meeting, the membership certificate and the letter of appointment of the Secretary General were issued to the chairman, vice chairman and governing units of the first standing committee, which was increased to 381million yuan. Later, the investment amount was adjusted to 482million yuan

in 2012, the company used its own funds of 20million yuan to carry out technical transformation on the 40000 t/a alcohol based ethylene oxide project, changed the single process route using alcohol as raw material, increased low-temperature ethylene transfer facilities, and carried out technical transformation on the raw material transmission unit, increased the process route directly using ethylene as raw material, realizing the two leg strategy of using ethanol/ethylene as raw material

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