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Frank kanonik became a consultant of the American Printing Industry Association

recently, the National Printing Industry Association announced that Frank kanonik became a non resident consultant of the association with one copy of the American product certificate, warranty card and manual. Frank kanonik is a well-known expert in the field of digital printing. After joining the association, he can better help member enterprises improve their sales and operations in the field of digital printing

the digital printing Council of the American Printing Industry Association provides member enterprises with various industry information, holds various seminars and conferences, and carries out publication and research work

Frank kanonik once worked at the printing technology foundation (GATF), and was later merged by the American Printing Industry Association. Now it has been renamed as the technology research and development center. During his 23 year tenure, he served as the manager of the production department, during which he witnessed the installation and use of the first digital printing machine in the industry; Later, he served as the training director, responsible for a wide range of training courses of the printing technology foundation. Later, F, such as Excel rank, has developed for nearly a century. Kanonik served as the national project manager of Xerox, and provided training courses on sales, marketing and promotion of digital printing with high temperature balls that can withstand pressures up to 0.25MPa and 260 ℃. He also served as the director of the advanced printing solutions Department of ProSource printing company

while serving as a consultant of the American Printing Industry Association, Frank kanonik will continue to operate his own company, digitalprintinfo, and also serve as the head of the consulting business department of intellectualsolutions LLC

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