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From fishermen, blacksmiths and martial arts masters to tens of billions of electrical appliance owners

the fate of fishermen, blacksmiths, martial arts masters and entrepreneurs inevitably sounds a bit suspicious of "joking", which is really "hard to figure out"

ZHENG Yuanbao's leopard gall bladder and parachute

"this parachute should also be equipped on aircraft in the future." Zheng Yuanbao pointed to a parachute picture in a magazine and said to the newly seated talent

at this time, Zheng Yuanbao just returned to his hotel from the capital airport. Perhaps the emergence of planes and parachutes made Zheng Yuanbao have such an idea of "preparedness"

Zheng Yuanbao's shirt, tie and pants all have the logo of people's electric appliance group. People familiar with Zheng know that wearing work clothes is one of his habits. Whether inside the group or on business trips, Zheng Yuanbao always has a length of 1 complete hole and a unit test piece between two complete holes) hoping to convey such a message to the outside world: I am Zheng Yuanbao, chairman of people's electric appliance

trapped in the sofa, Zheng Yuanbao put his feet without socks on the sofa, touching his bare feet, constantly looking for the most comfortable sitting position

fishermen, blacksmiths, martial arts masters and entrepreneurs

ZHENG Yuanbao, known through various indirect information channels, is a complete contradictory image

12-year-old dropout, 13-year-old fishing, 17-year-old ironmaking, followed Sun Yat Sen bodyguard Liu He's many previous technical breakthroughs, like Baichuan father and son and Wenzhou famous teacher jindefu, and began to teach martial arts at the age of 20. Undoubtedly, this is a grass-roots image full of suffering and Jianghu atmosphere

people familiar with Zheng Yuanbao told him that Zheng Yuanbao was a wise man who had not studied much, and his thinking on enterprise management was always inadvertently philosophical. People's Electric Appliance Group has adopted a relatively standardized joint-stock system since its establishment. In addition, Zheng Yuanbao has little power in the group now

in fact, the face-to-face conversation between Yingcai and Zheng Yuanbao did not end his image of "contradiction" in his mind. Zheng Yuanbao, who was born in martial arts, did not blindly focus on the word "righteousness", but talked about "Virtue" and believed that "martial virtue" was a higher stage; In the interview, Zheng Yuanbao likes to use a philosophical language to explain what is "intangible" and what is "tangible". For example, "tangible is only value, intangible is wealth", and such thinking directly leads to Zheng Yuanbao's infatuation with "brand"

"human destiny is very complex", which is Zheng Yuanbao's life thinking. "What is your personality, what is your environment, what is your family, what is your job, all of which will affect your destiny, but it is difficult to figure out."

indeed, the fate of Zheng Yuanbao's fisherman, blacksmith, martial artist and entrepreneur inevitably sounds a bit "joking", which is really "elusive"

retreat without advance or advance without retreat

all these thoughts about fate, life and philosophy are described by Zheng Yuanbao in a unique "Mandarin". It is said that "taking the lead in quitting smoking and learning Mandarin" is a self challenge activity launched by Zheng Yuanbao a few years ago, The theme of this activity is "chemistry creates a better life, which reflects the ambition of a Wenzhou businessman to go out of Wenzhou. In fact, Zheng Yuanbao's progress in learning Mandarin is far behind the development speed of people's electrical appliances. Zhejiang People's electrical appliances group was established in 1996, and held 86 Enterprises in 2001. In 2005, the group achieved an output value of 10billion.

and" parachutes should be equipped on aircraft " Compared with his prudence, Zheng Yuanbao's idea of doing business is simply "ambition and courage". In his view, in addition to IQ and EQ, enterprises should also have "courage quotient"

"if private enterprises want to develop, if they are afraid of wolves before they are afraid of tigers, the risk is great. I think in terms of development, 80% are IQ and EQ problems, 20% are courage quotient problems, and sometimes the role of courage quotient will even reach 40%." Zheng Yuanbao believes that there are only two choices to be an enterprise, that is, "retreat without retreat" or "advance without retreat", and the choice between advance and retreat needs to be decided by "bold business"

it would be a big mistake to say that Zheng Yuanbao is just an advocate of "courage quotient". In fact, the dizzying expansion strategy of people's appliances is the "courage" given by Zheng Yuanbao

before the founding of people's Electric Appliance Group in 1996, Zheng Yuanbao, who was less than 40 years old, annexed 66 enterprises in Zhejiang at one stroke; In 1999, Zheng Yuanbao merged 34 loss making state-owned and collective enterprises in Shanghai at one time; In 2001, Zheng Yuanbao bought out Jiangxi Substation Equipment General Factory at a lump sum of 130 million yuan and established people's electric Jiangxi Substation Equipment Co., Ltd; In 2003, Zheng Yuanbao made efforts in Shandong and acquired Shandong Zibo Switchgear Factory, the largest professional manufacturer of electrical switches in the province; In 2004, Zheng purchased Wuhu instrument factory with 60million yuan as a whole; In 2005, Zheng Yuanbao spent 500million yuan on Sichuan Leying hydropower station and 400million yuan on Anhui Yitong molybdenum mine, starting to extend a traditional manufacturing enterprise to the upstream resource investment field

"if a private enterprise wants to change from a limited scale to an unlimited scale and from a limited strength to an unlimited strength, only by integrating resources can it build an aircraft carrier and be dynamic to the international market." Zheng Yuanbao's answer to the goal of people's electric appliances' frequent sales in the capital market is to "build an aircraft carrier"

Zheng Yuanbao has his own set of "conflict" ideas on crazy mergers and acquisitions and industrial strategic diversification. On the one hand, Zheng Yuanbao believes that his acquisition is a kind of acquisition based on "advanced system and scientific system". Under such a system, the capital behavior of people's electric appliance will adhere to the idea of "resource integration" and "scientific diversification" in the financial environment in which its own capital accumulation is completed. On the other hand, Zheng Yuanbao believes that the biggest risk of people's electric appliance in the future is "the amount of investment and diversified operation"

maybe this is just Zheng Yuanbao's dialectical philosophical thinking

Zen machine of grassroots entrepreneurs

talents: whose book has the greatest impact on you

ZHENG Yuanbao: I'm quite interested in Chairman Mao's theory

talents: who has the greatest influence on you

ZHENG Yuanbao: Deng Xiaoping

talent: what do you think is the most difficult thing to change

ZHENG Yuanbao: work wholeheartedly, and I won't do anything else

talent: what are you most afraid of

Zheng Yuanbao: I'm most afraid that our brand can't be built, so I say we should have a little sense of crisis every day

talent: what do you think is your biggest problem

Zheng Yuanbao: he is very critical. Why criticize people? I hope everyone grows up, but some people I don't criticize him, he is finished

"talent": what is the most you say to the management of the company

ZHENG Yuanbao: emotional development, ruthless management

talents: what do you think of wealth

Zheng Yuanbao: tangible is value, intangible is wealth. Tangible value belongs to the whole society, while intangible wealth belongs to itself

talents: are you in favor of ranking the rich? Why

Zheng Yuanbao: No. First, I don't think this ranking is very correct; Second, ranking has great pressure on individuals and society

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