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Professional knowledge sharing of sprinkler pump - Hubei Chengli group

sprinkler pump is very important for a sprinkler, so our usual maintenance and repair is very important. Next, if Hubei chengliji can't carry out the experiment continuously, Ma Xudong, the Group Sales Director, shares with you a small problem that the sprinkler pump can't absorb water. 1. Check the switch. First check whether the water inlet and outlet switches of the water pump are turned on. The water pump is a self-priming pump, which is processed by a microcomputer chip for data collection, analysis and calculation. Add some water when it is used for the first time 2. Check the filter. When the sprinkler pump is not smooth, check whether there are sundries blocking the water inlet in the front filter of the suction pipe, and then check whether the water inlet pipeline is sealed section by section, and check whether there is air leakage fault. 3. Check the vacuum degree. The water diversion of the commonly used water pump 3. After confirming that the power supply is under the specified voltage and the safe height of grounding should be less than 5 meters, then check whether the oil seal of the water pump is damaged, and the leakage of the pump shaft affects its vacuum degree. Replace the seal. When the engine speed is too low to reach the required vacuum degree, adjust the throttle to make the speed around 1700 rpm, and the engine speed changes according to the different gearboxes. 4. Check the power take-off and check whether it works. If the power take-off is separated from the transmission shaft, the water pump will not work. 5. Listen to the abnormal sound, check whether the rotation speed of the water pump is normal, pay attention to whether there is any abnormal sound, and judge whether the water pump cannot rotate normally because there are sundries winding the blades. However, it must be noted that the water pump cannot idle for a long time during the detection process, otherwise its service life will be shortened due to the high temperature of the water pump. When the water pump does not discharge water, if the fault cannot be eliminated after detailed inspection according to the above steps, check whether the water tank has not been cleaned for a long time, and the water tank is too dirty, resulting in water outlet filtration or pump body blockage. In addition, it is also very important to develop good car habits. The water tank should be cleaned regularly, and the sprinkler should drain the accumulated water in the water tank and pump after using it in winter.

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