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Plastic concrete production technology

in many cases, plastic concrete is an economical and technical backup for cement concrete

for example, industrial products: sluice gates for water industry or chemical industry, sewage pipes, drainage holes, railway sleepers, floor paint, bridge paint, chemical plant construction, drainage plate layer, machine base, boundary monument, cable hole, ceramic parts, garbage cans, block stones, boundary signs, sound proof walls, swimming pools, tunnel finishes, breakwaters, etc

Compared with other operational links in industrial and agricultural production

such as jewelry and leisure products: floor tiles, panels, garden decoration, tombstones, factory containers, block stones, etc

it uses secondary raw materials (recyclables) as fillers: reuse of production waste and domestic waste, waste tire particles, slag, non-metallic automotive waste, electrical products and computer waste, sludge, crushed marble and crushed granite

plastic concrete has many advantages, such as rapid curing, not easy to frost, waterproof, chemical resistance

Plastic has become a part of our life. The image of imitation materials in the past no longer exists. The new lithium carbonate processing capacity is mainly in China. Today we know that plastic is one of the most fascinating materials of our time. It is a material with many possibilities

plastics can be divided into three main groups: Thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and elastomers

an economical and technical advanced concrete material is plastic concrete, which is a kind of thermosetting plastic. Plastic concrete is not a kind of concrete as its name implies, but to see which kind of plastic with high filler content based on its composition is suitable for the vertical torsional fatigue testing machine. The filling amount generally exceeds 90% of the weight. All possible fillers, from quartz powder to secondary raw materials similar to waste glass or rubber particles, can be treated with various barrier agents (such as epoxy resin, non plastic resin or PMMA resin), reinforced materials and dyes to form a very different final product

resin concrete is not a substitute for water mixed concrete, but it can be used as another technical and economic method. In terms of strength, surface conditions, frost resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and economy, the special performance and strength of resin concrete break the limitations of cement concrete

the ratio and uniform mixing between various components are crucial to the quality of the final product

the barrier agent in resin concrete is the combination of active resin, hardener and catalyst, rather than the cement used in cement concrete. The mixture of resin and filler is hardened and inseparable by hardener and catalyst, even at normal room temperature

the final mixture is filled into the mold and tightened by vibration. A few minutes of production time can be achieved in the above process

in most cases, each mold can be used for resin concrete. In addition to pipe production, the prefabricated mixture is placed in these molds and maintained until the end of hardening. Then take it out of the mold. The forming time is about 6 to 90 minutes, which varies according to the type of formed parts and production process

the mechanical strength performance obtained is very high compared with traditional concrete. Compared with cement concrete, the high strength advantage is used in the manufacture of resin concrete products, so that the product wall thickness can be reduced to half or even one third. Because of its high strength, resin concrete does not need reinforcement in many cases

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