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Production process of cigarette printing box

at present, cigarette factories around the country have launched new packaging, most of which use the aluminum film paperboard printing process. In addition to the advantages of short production period, the cigarette printing box has the characteristics of luxurious and beautiful shape, solid and moisture-proof, so it is very popular in the market

in the production of various printing and packaging boxes, the printing of cigarette boxes has certain technical difficulties, because cigarette boxes must meet several important quality requirements: 1 The paper of the cigarette box must be flat and straight, and the thickness must be strictly controlled between 29 and 31 wires to adapt to the operation on the high-speed packaging machine; 2 In order to ensure the brand and anti-counterfeiting needs, the color difference requirements are strict; 3 The pattern and text are clearly printed; 4 Printing, bronzing, embossing, die cutting and other sets are accurate

the author introduces the printing process characteristics of cigarette boxes for reference

first, the design of cigarette box pattern color must conform to the printing characteristics.

silk printing has its advantages and many disadvantages, so the design must develop its strengths and avoid its weaknesses. For example, the main color in a large area should be a stable color; try to avoid line pressing pattern nesting; small words should be in thick black; indentation and knife line should avoid nesting, and a certain amount of deformation is allowed to be printed

second, pay attention to the paper quality of cigarette boxes and ensure the supply of goods

in addition to ensuring the normal operation of cigarette boxes at high speed on the packaging machine, there is a certain cooperation between cigarette boxes and small boxes, which requires that the paper printing cigarette boxes must be of high quality and stability, such as good flatness, no curling deformation, uniform thickness, consistent color, etc. The paper of cigarette printing box mostly adopts aluminum film paperboard. The so-called aluminum film paperboard is composed of aluminum film and high-quality paperboard. Its color depends on the material and dyeing process of aluminum film, and its flatness and thickness depend on the quality and composite process of backing paper

in the printing process of cigarette boxes, the flatness of aluminum film paperboard must be controlled. Generally speaking, any composite paper will curl to one side under the change of environmental conditions, which is the result of two different materials affected by external environmental changes. Aluminum film paperboard usually curls towards the film surface after being damped, which will not only affect the printing quality, but also cause the normal operation of high-speed packaging machine. The key to solve this problem is not only to control the temperature and humidity of the workshop and the protection of storage and transportation, but also to use high-quality composite backing paper, and at the same time, to use "wet lamination" (that is, to increase the moisture content of backing paper before lamination). Therefore, the aluminum film paperboard for printing cigarette boxes is generally not suitable for laminating by itself. It should be purchased from a professional manufacturer with good reputation. The color of the film surface and the quality of the paper should be clearly agreed with the manufacturer, and the long-term supply guarantee can protect portable equipment from impact and impact

third, make laser jigsaw plate first, and then make jigsaw film

at present, the specification of aluminum film cardboard that can make cigarette boxes in China is only 787mm × 1 092mm, therefore, the printer should determine the composition scheme of large boxes and small boxes according to the equipment and technical capacity of the factory. Small boxes can generally be 6, 8, 10, and even 24 by UV automatic printer. After deciding how many pieces to make up, the laser die-cutting knife plate can be made according to the size drawings provided by the cigarette factory. The small box should be made up directly (that is, there is no gap between boxes)

after the knife plate is made, make all kinds of mosaic films according to the size of the knife plate. It should be reminded that if there are requirements for bronzing and embossing patterns on the cigarette box, the distance between bronzing film patterns should be smaller than that of embossing, because the bronzing plate will deform due to thermal expansion and cold contraction during bronzing

in the edges and gaps of each mosaic film, make regular lines and various marks according to the specific situation of the factory, which will play an important role in ensuring the printing quality and reducing the color difference of batch products

IV. take various measures to ensure that the color difference of batch finished products is basically the same

1 Carefully do a good job in the selection and proportion of ink

color difference is the most troublesome problem in the process of cigarette box printing. In particular, the large-area main color in the cigarette box is the symbol color of this brand, and the stability of its color must be ensured

it is necessary to test the selected ink in advance, including hue, brightness, proportion, printability, reaction with film dyeing, folding resistance, fastness, etc. If necessary, an agreement can be reached with the ink manufacturer to entrust it to produce special ink in batch. When preparing ink by yourself, you should prepare enough ink at one time. The larger the amount, the better. And carefully record the proportion of various inks, diluent proportion, matching date, etc. These inks should be sealed and tightly covered during storage and use to prevent volatilization. For some fine words in the cigarette box, it is recommended to use UV ink printing, so it is not easy to paste the version, and the amount is saved. After drying by UV light curing machine, it can be put away, eliminating the drying rack

2. Strictly control the printing quality

the negative film of the printed cigarette box should be properly kept; the film surface of the print negative film should be in contact with the photosensitive plate 2. The spot welding of hot-rolled steel bars should be used as the shear test film surface; the mesh number of each plate should be appropriate, and the yellow wire should be used as far as possible; the tension of each plate is the same; the frame is firm; the photosensitive glue on the printing surface should be coated several times, and it is best to expose it twice to increase the printing resistance

during printing, the pressure of the doctor blade should be controlled, the distance should be basically the same, and the printing gap should be shortened as far as possible. A special person should be assigned to stir the ink on the frame (scraping from the edge to the middle). It is strictly forbidden for the operator to dilute the ink by himself. If the printing suitability is not good, new ink should be added or replaced at any time. The quality inspector shall check the ink color change according to the color draft at any time, and take measures in time in case of any abnormality. The paper receiving personnel shall mark the semi-finished products of each drying rack, mark the machine table, the printing time and quantity, stack them separately according to the sequence after drying, and make records of each stack, and never mix them

3. Each printed matter should be printed with different batch marks

in the process of cigarette box printing, an effective way to ensure the quality and reduce the color difference is to print various kinds of marks on the printed matter, so as to clarify who the color operator is, what day of the week it is printed, whether there are rules, etc., which is of great benefit to improve the hearts of operators. The most important function is to sort and distinguish the defective products according to the printed products before die cutting. In particular, it plays a key role in strictly separating the finished products of different batches from die cutting, corner tapping, packaging and delivery, and ensuring the minimum color difference of each batch of products

4. Strictly control the temperature and humidity of the workshop and do a good job in product archives

cigarette box production has extremely high requirements on the temperature and humidity of the workshop, which can not only prevent paper deformation, but also reduce the volatilization of diluent and ensure the stability of ink performance

during the production process or after the completion of batch production, samples and records of semi-finished products and finished products must be made, which will play a very important role in ensuring the next production

v. using "paper edge positioning method" is a good method to ensure the accuracy of printing, bronzing, embossing and die cutting in cigarette box production.

the initial experimental force "paper edge positioning method" developed by the author for many years has been used in several printing plants. It is accurate and convenient to overprint, and is very popular. I will introduce it to you here

the so-called "paper edge positioning method" is to move the printing set rules (such as cross hairs) from the inside of the substrate to the edge of the substrate. This positioning method can't be done in offset printing and embossing. After basically determining the relative position of the printing pattern and the substrate, place 2 ~ 3 semicircular crosshairs on the long side and the short side of the substrate respectively, and the long side and the short side are required to be perpendicular to each other (this rule can be made on various films with transparent nine square or t-rule)

the printing operator should determine the positioning device according to this rule. The requirements are: the long side must ensure that all the semicircular cross hairs are printed, and the semicircular diameter line happens to be printed on the edge of the substrate (without white exposure), and the short side requires that the semicircular cross hairs nearest to the positioning device are printed completely. The other several are for reference during printing, and can also be used to check whether the substrate is cut vertically

according to this method, it is very easy for quality inspectors and operators to judge whether the positioning of printed matter is accurate, especially when printing with the first color, which overcomes the disadvantage of being difficult to find when escaping. If the overprint is not on time, who should be responsible for it is clear at a glance without dispute. Moreover, according to this method of positioning, as long as the negative remains unchanged, the rules of any batch of printed matter are consistent, which is extremely beneficial to the accuracy of bronzing, embossing and die cutting

author/Peng Dang: the load can no longer rise, Shiyin

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