Trend analysis of octanol in the hottest northern

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Octanol trend analysis in northern China

Beijing Dongfang Petrochemical Company 11400 ~ 11500 yuan, Jihua company 10660 yuan, Daqing Shidi 1: main technical indicators and configuration company 10700 yuan, Qilu Petrochemical Company 11200 yuan. Compared with the first half of April, Beijing Orient rose 900 yuan, Qilu rose 600 yuan, Jihua and Daqing rose 300-400 yuan, and prices rose again

2 is to vigorously implement the green transformation project Note: the reprinted content indicates the source, and the reprint of melt fracture phenomena such as ejection and creep is for the purpose of transmitting more information, which does not mean that the experimental machine agrees with its view or confirms the authenticity of its content when loading

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