Production technology of the hottest polyvinyl alc

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Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) biodegradable hydrolytic film makes money intermediate price difference production technology

this product is a biodegradable hydrolytic polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) film, which has higher strength than polyethylene (PE) film and good transparency. Its characteristics are strong water absorption, complete degradation in water or soil, no pollution to the environment, no static electricity in the film, no dust absorption, good printing performance, good oil and chemical resistance, breathable and oxygen proof, which can play a role in preservation and corrosion prevention. Can be used for high-end clothing packaging; It can be compounded with polyethylene or polypropylene film to make food packaging bags; It is combined with paper materials to make a bag for holding things; It is used for packaging with anti-static requirements, such as the packaging of electronic components. The market demand is increasing day by day, which has great potential. The production process of this film is advanced, which is the first to be created in China

our institute has been engaged in the research and production of unsaturated polyester resin for 30 years; Since the 1980s, large-scale unsaturated polyester engineering design and special technology transfer have been carried out, and a number of resin projects of 1000 tons/year, 3000 tons/year and 6000 tons/year have been completed successively

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