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Professional cold and antifreeze measures for steam turbine

1 The purpose of cold prevention and antifreeze

1.1 prevent the temperature from falling below 0 ℃, freezing, causing pipe blockage or equipment damage

1.2 ensure that the equipment can operate normally when the temperature drops to minus 10 ℃

1.3 ensure that the equipment can be used normally when the temperature drops to minus 10 ℃

2. Standards for cold and antifreeze

2.1 carry out cold and antifreeze work according to the standard of minus 10 ℃

3. Jurisdiction scope of cold and antifreeze

3.1 all equipment, doors and windows in the steam turbine room

3.2 all equipment, doors and windows of circulating pump room

3.3 diesel engine

3.4 river side make-up water pump room

4 General requirements for cold and antifreeze

4.1 it is guaranteed that no equipment or system will affect the operation due to freezing, nor will there be frost crack damage of equipment or system or the safe and economic operation of the unit due to freezing of equipment or system

4.2 check the doors, windows and glasses within the jurisdiction of the steam turbine discipline, and contact the relevant departments for treatment if they are lax or damaged

4.3 during patrol inspection, it is necessary to check the cold and antifreeze protection of the equipment. When the personnel of the maintenance department are on duty for inspection, they should timely report and contact to deal with any nonconformity or defect

4.4 the steam turbine discipline should ensure that each equipment and system is managed by a specially assigned person; Strictly follow the requirements of cold and antifreeze measures, and make the cold and antifreeze work finer, deeper and more solid

4.5 make records for all equipment and systems operated with cold and antifreeze measures, so that the system and equipment can be recovered before operation

4.6 when the ambient temperature drops to 10 ℃, start the cold and antifreeze measures

5. Cold and antifreeze measures for operating units

5.1 the cooling water of each standby equipment should be kept flowing. Such as the gland cooling water, bearing cooling water, standby oil cooler, water cooler and closed water cooler of each standby plate cooler and standby pump

5.2 the electric filter inlet valve is opened, and the bottom manual blowdown valve is slightly opened under the waiting test interface to keep water flowing

5.3 close the doors and windows next to the steam turbine equipment, especially the doors and windows near the motor and power box, to prevent wind and rain from wetting the equipment and freezing the equipment

5.4 when the unit is started, the oil temperature of each equipment during start-up should meet the requirements of the operation regulations, otherwise, water heating or electric heater should be put into operation, and the oil temperature can be started only after it is increased to the required value

5.5 the doors and windows of the diesel engine room should be closed to prevent the water and oil in the diesel engine room from freezing

5.6 the circulating water pump room shall ensure the normal circulation of the cooling water of the oil cooler and the upper and lower frames of the motor, the lubricating water of the stuffing box, and the lubricating water of the bearings, including the standby circulating pump

5.7 when the temperature is below 0 ℃, the low-pressure standby water pump of each operating unit can be turned once an hour, and the operation can be switched appropriately when the weather is too cold

6. Cold and antifreeze measures for shutdown units

6.1 the water storage on the water side and steam side of high and low pressure heaters and shaft seal heaters are drained

6.2 if there is no water in other places, the water stored in the condenser hot well must be drained. If the circulating pump or main pipe stops, drain the water

6.3 if the deaerator needs to maintain a certain water level, it should be heated with auxiliary steam to maintain a temperature of about 50 ℃. If it is not necessary to maintain the water level, drain the water

one inspection rod should be processed. 6.4 the unqualified and non-conforming products are poorly supervised on the wall, and the equipment and system with industrial water are used. After the industrial water pump is shut down, the water stored in each cooler that needs industrial water is drained

6.5 after the shutdown of the closed water system and the open water system, it is necessary to drain all the water stored in all the equipment of the open and closed system (including the closed cold water tank, open and closed water pipelines, and the corresponding figure has become 40million tons of coolers, electric filters, water pumps, etc.)

6.6 in the barring state of the main and small turbine, the oil temperature shall be maintained according to the requirements of the regulations. If the barring stops, turn on the electric heating to keep the oil temperature at ℃. The hydraulic oil heating and cooling pump needs to be unlocked frequently to maintain the hydraulic oil temperature of ℃. Keep the auxiliary oil pump of the feed pump running to prevent the oil tank from freezing

6.7 the stator cooling water system of the generator shall be kept running, and the water cooling box shall be heated to maintain the water temperature at ℃. If the stator cooling water system needs to be shut down due to maintenance work, the water in the stator coil of the generator must also be drained

6.8 condensing hydrogen dryer, drain water every 2 hours to prevent ponding and freezing. The oil-water monitor should always check whether there is oil-water and discharge it in time to prevent freezing

6.9 the mechanical seal cooling water cooler of the feed pump is drained

6.10 the drain valve of each stopped pump set is opened and the water is drained

6.11 the drain valve and drain valve of each shut-down steam and water pipeline shall be opened, and the water storage shall be drained, and there shall be no ponding and drainage dead corner

6.12 for the circulating pump under maintenance, the cooling water of the oil cooler and the upper and lower frames of the motor, the lubricating water of the stuffing box and the lubricating water of the bearing should be drained

6.13 even if the unit is shut down, the diesel engine room should still take the same cold and antifreeze measures as the operating unit

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