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Products and positioning of LED lighting market

if someone says that semiconductor lighting industry is a new industry in the future, then led lighting is the master of future lighting. Since 2008, LED lighting has become a very popular investment hot spot in China. Whether it is related to the industry or not, and even the bosses of some engineering companies have flocked to invest, which is quite likely to be participated by intelligent national manufacturers

it seems that everyone is covetous, ambitious, passionate, and even broke down into this hot land. However, how many people know about LED, lighting, and the relationship between LED and lighting? In other words, how many people know both led and lighting. How to correctly find the cut in and balance point between LED and lighting? Most people may only understand that led is a trend of lighting in the future

in the past international environment, the shortage of resources and the poor environment have affected people's living environment. Energy conservation and emission reduction have become the top priority of all countries in the new field of expanding utilization, so all countries have taken measures to list LED lighting as the core of future lighting, and drive the rapid development of LED lighting market through government support and subsidies. The core position of LED in future lighting can be seen from the ten cities and ten thousand lamp demonstration cities launched in 2009, the urban lighting project this year and the measures introduced in November this year to phase out incandescent lamps in October 2016

led lighting market analysis

China is still a processing power and a copying power. Under the short-term interests and an instinctive living environment, many family workshops and some short-sighted manufacturers take advantage of the shortcomings of people's insufficient understanding of LED lighting to produce some so-called LED lamps and lanterns, which are shoddy

it destroys the idea of some people who have just tried LED lamps and lanterns. They spend more than ten times the price of traditional lamps and lanterns. It can be said that they only use one lamp for a lifetime, but it actually takes only a few days. This situation is more prominent in lamps, which greatly restricts the healthy development of LED lamps. Especially in high-power lamps, there is no need to stick chips, just go around the accessories city, buy back some shoddy kits, assemble them, and then go on the market and ship them. Therefore, how to make people buy real LED lamps is the most important task for the country to regulate the LED lamp market at present! Of course, the other main reason that restricts the development of LED lamps and lanterns at present is naturally the price and the correct understanding of LED lamps and lanterns by the public. Let's take a traditional fluorescent lamp and LED lamp to compare:

in fact, among the parameters listed above, the final customers are really concerned about, first of all, the price, service life, brightness and safety. Secondly, maybe careful people will pay attention to light decay, health, environmental protection and other aspects, so we must correctly control the balance and entry point between traditional lighting and LED lighting! How many residents will try to understand the light source of lighting? So at present, the real terminal resources are concentrated in the lighting of businesses, factories and governments, and the transformation of outdoor lighting

the main market of enterprises in Chinese Mainland is still divided into international trade and engineering projects. The international market is mainly dominated by mainland traders, and a few manufacturers will directly export. We can also divide it into two categories according to the current situation of foreign markets, developed countries and developing countries. Developed countries, such as the United States, Japan, the European Union and so on, have relatively high requirements for products, such as cumbersome certification and chip property rights. The power supply should be isolated... The natural price is also relatively higher. Developing countries, such as Russia, India and South America, have similar national conditions to China. They came to China all the way to ask for price. They have low requirements for other aspects, and naturally their product requirements will not be much higher

the requirements of end customers in the mainland market are simpler. At the same price, it is enough to meet the basic requirements of the mainland conditions plus some interpersonal care and suitable for some engineering transformation projects. At present, the projects that need to be renovated in the mainland, for example, are factories, supermarkets, underground parking lots, schools, hospitals, hotels, advertising light boxes and other places

let's take an example, for example, a clean workshop needs LED lamp to be transformed. First of all, we need to understand the basic situation and architectural drawings of the plant and the specific requirements for lighting, including the level of cleanliness required, how high the illumination is, how many lux it needs to reach, whether it is always on for 24 hours, and a basic requirement for color temperature, color rendering index, luminous angle and installation method. Since you want to be clean, you have to start with this aspect first. LED lights have no ultraviolet rays, so they basically won't provoke flying insects

there is no static electricity, so it will not touch dust. The cleanliness of the LED lamp has far exceeded that of the traditional fluorescent lamp. Secondly, the LED lamp is full-color temperature, with color rendering ability of 75% (traditional 60%). Under 24-hour use, the service life of the LED lamp is more than 7 times that of the traditional lamp. In addition, the LED lamp with a total power of 16W can replace the traditional lamp with a total power of 43W, with an energy-saving ratio of nearly 70%. In addition, it has the advantages of small light attenuation and low personnel maintenance. In contrast, the advantages are very obvious

take the underground parking lot for example, the purpose of replacement is obvious. Since it is a non-profit place that is open 24 hours a day, we must help the owner calculate the cost advantage. The owner has extremely low requirements for light, which only plays a temporary and extremely ordinary lighting role, so we have to install the simplest LED lamp for the owner according to this special environment. Can we consider using low wattage, horizontally inserted straw hat, Full PC, fiberglass board, RC power supply to install it on such a special occasion. You can even consider removing the PC cover of the lamp and brushing it on the fiberglass board with a layer of protective glue (of course, it also depends on the transformed environment and voltage stability)? In fact, there have been many successful enterprises in these areas, such as indoor total, outdoor diligent, and the joint construction of display screens. In fact, when the LED industry is so cold this year, it is really worth everyone's supervision and learning

led product orientation and long-term planning of LED company

products without direction fly around like headless flies. A good product can guide the trend of the market. A product with high cost performance can drive and expand the market. Therefore, we have to make good LED lamps with high cost performance to guide the market, drive and expand the LED lamp market which is currently in a dilemma and unhealthy

a product with high cost performance and good performance must be professional first, and the market cannot control you. Today, customers who want to be outdoors will participate in the outdoors, and tomorrow, if they want to be indoors, they will assemble indoors. The people and experience of a company are limited. In the end, they are just blindly led by the market. Their products have no personality and characteristics, and none of them are their own professional and specialty products. So we hope to make a product that is refined and professional! This is also conducive to the long-term development of enterprises, so as to occupy a place in the current chaotic and fragile market

led lighting sales mode and strategy

according to the current situation and future development direction of the LED lighting market, it is mainly applicable to the influence of factors such as rubber, plastic plate, pipe, profile and price. The sales mode is mainly divided into international business and mainland market. Powerful enterprises can also directly connect with foreign markets (it is mainly based on the network as the platform and the speed of participating in the experiment is 200mm/min, plus some international exhibitions to publicize and expand the influence of large clean companies that maintain equipment. At the same time, it is best to have a clear difference in products, whether to be a market in developing countries or a market in developed countries, or whether to eat all, which depends on their own strength and ability, depending on the distribution of their own customer groups.

according to national conditions, the mainland market is much more specific Engineering, pipeline (mainly for local projects), direct sales and EMC contract energy management. Especially in the field of EMC contract energy management, due to price constraints, many customers who want to transform but are unable to transform or do not know about LED lighting and are relatively unfamiliar are the most effective and direct methods. At present, some powerful large companies, including some well-known enterprises of traditional lighting, have participated in the competition of this mode, so as to warm up themselves first and lay a good foundation for fully integrating into the LED lighting market in the future

every company entering the LED lighting industry should have a clear market positioning, that is, to survive first, and then to develop and grow. That is, we must first find ways to guide and control the environment, otherwise we will be ruthlessly eliminated by the market

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