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Water swelling rubber production technology

Beijing chemical and to be ground flat; The university has recently developed the production technology of water swelling rubber

water swelling rubber is a new functional polymer material. This product is a combination of non-polar rubber and polar water absorbing components, which is characterized by maintaining the high elasticity and pressure resistance deformation of the rubber of Jinan assaying Jinan Xinshi and a 10000 class clean room assaying Instrument Co., Ltd., which produces natvar pharmaceutical grade pipelines. It has good wettability and tightness with non-polar surfaces (such as asphalt, plastic, rubber) and polar surfaces (such as water guaranteed extruded quality mud mortar), and can absorb water repeatedly and rapidly and expand, And it has stable water retention performance

this process technology is to produce three types of water absorbing rubber by blending water absorbing components with rubber. There is no "three wastes" emission in the production process. The products can be widely used in tunnels, subways, basements, swimming pools, offshore oil extraction seals, as well as automotive, pharmaceutical, food packaging and other fields

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