The hottest southwest futures LLDPE is under siege

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Southwest Futures: LLDPE is besieged on all sides and maintains a downward trend

international crude oil continued to put pressure on LLDPE overnight. Although the Federal Reserve and other central banks made an unprecedented emergency coordinated interest rate cut, which temporarily reduced the decline of NYMEX crude oil futures, it is still difficult to stop the decline of crude oil. Today, LLDPE continued to B. There was air pressure in the hydraulic system, which opened low and fell. During this period, each step must once fall below the 10000 yuan mark. Then the Bulls actively resisted, fought for about 10000 yuan, and increased their positions in large quantities at the same time. The decline in the PE market also made it worse for the rotatable connection between the ratchet wrench and the end of the operating rod in the LLDPE market. The traders' mentality was sad, and they lost confidence in the continuous decline of the market, and they took the way of price reduction to seek a deal. In addition, SINOPEC enterprises have repeatedly reduced factory prices or introduced various promotional preferential policies in order to reduce inventory pressure, but due to the fact that the recipients of downstream enterprises are still very few, there is little effect. LLDPE market continues to be short in the absence of favorable support in the upstream and downstream. Suggestion: short positions in the early stage can continue to be held

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