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Southwest Futures: lack of fundamental support, PTA is still short

yesterday n, and the reliability level of one cycle is higher than that of one cycle product. Ymex crude oil futures ended the decline for three consecutive trading days and closed higher by $1.66 to $114.53/barrel, mainly due to the weakening of the US dollar, which triggered investors to buy commodities. Affected by this, PTA fluctuated upward today. The main contract of August 0811 jumped high and opened higher. The opening price was 8236 yuan, with a maximum of 8310 yuan and a minimum of 8214 yuan. At noon, it closed at 8302 yuan, up 126 yuan from yesterday. Further boost the steady development of relations between the two countries in various fields. The tightening strength of heated foamed foam has been supplied to EOS, which is significantly higher than that of normal temperature foamed foam. The spot market of PTA continues to maintain stability. Today, the quotation of China National fiber is still 8700 yuan, unchanged from yesterday. The upstream PX fell again, dragged down by the decline of crude oil on Monday, adding some doubts to the temporary signs of improvement in the market. For PTA's downstream textile industry, the economic benefits of the whole industry have fallen sharply, with a loss of 24.13%. Even the introduction of the export tax rebate policy has not changed its plight. Technically, PTA is temporarily above the 5-day moving average today, and it is expected that the 10 day moving average will have a certain suppression effect on it. Suggestion: wait and see for the end of the adjustment, and short positions in the early stage can continue to hold

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