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Southwest Futures: PTA fell due to resistance, so it is recommended to wait and see for a while

overnight, although the EIA announced that the relative repeatability of the original simultaneous cycle torque range and the relative repeatability of the peak cycle torque in the United States were required to increase the oil storage by 7.3 million barrels at a rate of 1%, which was much higher than the expected 800000 barrels, putting pressure on the crude oil market, but the US stock market rose for the fourth consecutive trading day, offsetting its negative impact, The current total amount of nym's materials is small, and ex crude oil futures rose 7.23% to $54.44. Although the people's Bank of China cut interest rates sharply yesterday, it lowered the benchmark one-year RMB deposit and loan interest rates of financial institutions by 1.08 percentage points from November 27, 2008. From December 5, 2008, the reduction of the RMB deposit reserve ratio of large deposit financial institutions such as the customized commercial bank, the Agricultural Bank of China, the Bank of China, and the construction bank requires 1 percentage point. Such a strong interest rate cut shows the severity of the current economic situation. Therefore, the market did not respond much to such great good news. Today, PTA opened higher and lower, opening slightly higher to 4890 yuan, and then began to fall under the pressure of short sellers, Then, coupled with the profit taking of bulls, the position was significantly reduced, and it was all the way down. At noon, it fell to 4710 yuan by 1.13%. From a fundamental point of view, the spot price is still relatively strong. Today, the quotation of China National fiber is 4700 yuan, a slight increase of 50 yuan over yesterday. Downstream manufacturers have made up positions in small batches, and the price trend is stable, medium and slightly up. Technically, there is a 30 day moving average above PTA to suppress it. It is suggested that investors continue to wait and see and wait for new opportunities to enter the market

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