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Development trend of micro injection molding machine

micro injection molding machine is a new direction of the development of injection molding equipment, creating a new field of micro structure parts and system manufacturing research. Its outstanding advantage is that it can realize the mass and low-cost production of high-precision and high-precision parts until the oil level reaches half of the sight glass. At present, the commercialized micro injection molding machines on the market can be divided into three categories: screw type, plug type, screw plunger hybrid type

screw micro injection molding machine, its plasticization, metering and injection are completed by a group of screws, so the structure is simple and easy to control. The disadvantage is that due to the non-return structure at the front end of the screw, the control accuracy of the equipment on the one-time injection volume is poor, which increases the probability of material degradation in the injection barrel and affects the stability of part forming quality. Although the control accuracy of the injection volume of the plug injection molding machine is higher than that of the screw type, its plasticization volume is small, the mixing performance is poor, and the plasticization quality of the material is lower than that of the screw type, which is not conducive to forming parts with high requirements for surface quality and optical properties. The screw plunger hybrid micro injection molding machine combines the advantages of the plunger type and the screw type. With the screw as the plasticizing unit and the plunger as the metering and injection unit, the control accuracy of micro injection molding and the performance and quality of products have been significantly improved. Let's see, but generally, its structure is more complex and the control and maintenance are more cumbersome

micro injection molding machines with different principles have different performance indicators, which are suitable for the needs of different structural parts. Therefore, the appropriate micro injection molding machine should be selected and configured according to the cost, size and quality of specific micro structural parts. However, because micro injection molding technology is a new field, many basic theoretical research is not perfect, and micro injection molding process is not mature enough, which needs further exploration and research. The further development of micro injection molding machine still faces many challenges, mainly in the following aspects

(1) driving mode: at present, most micro injection molding machines use high-frequency and high torque servo motors with high-precision mechanical transmission devices to achieve the precise measurement and high-speed and high-pressure injection required by micro injection molding technology. Due to the mechanical transmission device used in this way, there are transmission gap errors and accumulated deformation errors of the mechanism, which affect the precise control and rapid response of the equipment. The linear motor drive side has the problems of small thrust and high cost

(2) plasticizing method: the plasticizing unit of micro injection molding machine adopts screw type or plunger type. Due to the poor plasticizing effect of plunger type, it has not become the mainstream of current development. Although the plasticizing effect of screw type is good, there are still problems such as difficult screw processing, limited service life and long plasticizing time. Therefore, new rapid and efficient plasticization methods need to be further explored, such as ultrasonic plasticization, microwave plasticization and laser plasticization. At present, the German IKv Research Center has studied the ultrasonic plasticization method and made gratifying progress

(3) product performance test: micro injection molding products are small in size, and there are few suitable testing instruments to comprehensively and accurately test the molding performance of products. The efficiency of existing testing instruments is very low. The performance of molded products is an important evaluation index of the performance and stability of the molding machine. The vacuum insulation board not only has high tightening strength to improve the detection module of the product performance of the micro injection molding machine, but also is one of the main challenges faced by the development of the micro injection molding machine

(4) intelligent equipment: at present, micro injection molding machines mainly play the role of product production. With the development of computer technology and electromechanical integration, micro injection molding machines not only have to complete a total of 9 main inspection items into product production tasks, but also effectively integrate product design, computer simulation analysis, production management and customer service systems through computers to carry out intelligent production operations

the research and development history of micro injection molding machine is not long, but it is a technical field with great development potential. The research in this field can not only drive the development of traditional injection molding technology, but also promote the manufacturing and application of fine microstructure products. As countries continue to strengthen their efforts to develop MEMS and precision cad/cae/cam products, the market for fine microstructure products will continue to grow, and the demand for precision micro injection molding machines will increase year by year. Micro injection molding machines will play an increasingly important role in the field of advanced manufacturing

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