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Development trend of microwave food packaging

behavior at present, the freight from Indonesia to southern China port is 2.5 ⑶ 5 dollars/ton (70000 tons); (4) the change of USD/ton (50.6 million tons) is inevitable. Whether we like it or not, the pressure of daily busy work and life forces people to give up the traditional cooking methods in the past. Nowadays, most people don't want to spend time in the kitchen. It's more meaningful to spend energy on work or entertainment. Therefore, consumers are always asking for the convenience of food. They hope that the preparation time of food can be shorter, and the tableware does not need to be cleaned after use, and so on. These must rely on packaging to provide solutions

Since the mid-1990s, the retail performance of microwave ovens has been rising, from 1.6 million in 1997 to 2.5 million in 2002. The wide application of microwave ovens has promoted the development of microwave food packaging, especially some prefabricated foods that need heating, baked potato chips and pizza. This also drives food manufacturers to adopt more high-quality microwave packaging

at present, people generally prefer small packaged food, which poses a challenge to packaging. How to mark all information on Limited packaging has become a problem. Today, packaging has become a big stage for displaying health, nutrition, formula, storage and cooking instructions. In addition, it must also indicate all the information required by the law

according to the results of a survey of 700 food manufacturers, PP is the preferred packaging material for many convenience food manufacturers

"the high barrier property of PP can prolong the shelf life of food. Therefore, shelf life is the third consideration of food manufacturers after the strength and price of packaging materials." Robert Witherington of the consumer goods department of huhtmaki said. "About 75% of food processors believe that packaging innovation is crucial to their business development, while 85% believe that it is the key to the successful entry of products into the market. 50% of companies change the outer packaging of products every two years, and only 6% of companies have never changed the packaging."

"upgrading printing technology can achieve the purpose of updating packaging, which is very popular among food manufacturers. At present, only 25% of manufacturers complete packaging and printing by themselves, while the remaining 75% choose to outsource to professional printing and processing companies."

food safety is always the focus of manufacturers. At present, the most common method is anti-counterfeit sealing. The survey report shows that 30% of companies use anti-counterfeiting sealing, 24% of companies prefer shrink packaging, and only 9% of companies still use post packaging process to improve food safety. Among the 30% of enterprises that adopt anti-counterfeiting sealing, 21% have one year's experience in using it, while 57% of enterprises have not adopted it at present, but anti-counterfeiting sealing has a huge potential market in the field of consumer goods packaging

huhtamaki's barrier plus is a special plastic packaging material, which combines active and passive barrier properties to effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen. The shelf life of normal temperature stored food with this package can reach one year, so consumers can buy a large number of products at one time without worrying about deterioration

cups are ideal packaging for foods that need cooking. Soup, spaghetti or baked beans should be made of plastic cups rather than metal or glass cans. These foods packaged in plastic cups can be directly put into the microwave oven and can be eaten in a few minutes

Heinz is one of the first food manufacturers to adopt the barrier plus technology of huhtmaki company. The 300 gram instant soup series products are used in this package. After this product successfully entered the market, the company's pasta products also adopted this packaging material

barrier plus has the potential to replace metal cans or glass cans. In addition, it has stronger adaptability. The shapes and sizes of various packaging designs are applicable. It has lower cost in packaging and decoration and longer shelf life. Huhtamaki also fully grasped the consumers' demand psychology for microwave food. They developed an n-shaped container, which allows consumers to easily grasp and lift heated or refrigerated convenience food

suedpack UK of Germany introduced a new ecovent packaging concept, which solves the heating problem of bread, pasta and other products. Usually, this kind of microwave heated food should be underbaked bread or pasta, which maintains a certain humidity and modified structure. Ecovent packaging adopts a breathable film and non-conductive paper sealing technology, which is superior to the heating effect of traditional ovens

eatwell is a user of ecovent packaging. After adopting this packaging, the growth of volume will give way to the improvement of quality, and the company's products have made significant progress in both sales and market share. According to the prediction of industry experts, its products will have a huge impact on the market

the package has won several awards and has a high reputation in the industry. Due to its special structure and material properties, it can automatically adjust the air permeability and the pressure when heating, so it shows better baking results than the usual oven. At present, ecovent packaging is only limited to flat pillow packaging applications, but suedpack is considering how to apply the system to semi-rigid materials for thermoforming and preformed pallet processing

the company also produces a semi-rigid multi-layer composite called ecoderm. The main substrates are PP and EVOH, which can also be used for microwave heating

according to linpac plastics, safety and hygiene are the primary principles for the company to develop microwave packaging materials. Linpac has recently developed a series of cool to touch products to expand the range of microwave products. This is a foam tray. As the name describes, even if the food is heated to a very high temperature, it can easily contact the packaging container and will not be scalded

cool to touch series has two types of controlled atmosphere or non controlled atmosphere, which ensures the freshness, hygiene and safety of food

with the development of tray technology, microwave food will be closer to the quality of home cooked food, retain the texture and flavor of food, and some traditional stews can be heated by microwave

meadwestvaco's printkote ovenable is a bleached paper packaging material with a pet coating on the surface, which has strong isolation performance against grease and water. Its key advantage is that this kind of packaging material has low cost, and can be used in cold storage, normal temperature environment, and microwave heating

printkote ovenable paper plate is applicable to both high temperature and low temperature environments, saving the cost of cartons and outer packaging, and making a great contribution to saving packaging and costs. The prefabricated food packed with this kind of packaging material can be directly put into the microwave oven for heating from the cold storage environment, and the barrier property of the packaging material is further improved by PET coating

this is a very suitable material for pallet processors, especially for processing the pads of microwave applicable pallets. In the process of Corrugated processing, a layer of groove and outer lining are added to the liner, so the waterproof and oil proof performance of the liner is strengthened, which is applicable to both microwave heating and ordinary ovens

veriplast international produces a series of packaging materials suitable for microwave. The company's serve and dine bowls can be used to pack hot soup, fried vegetables or pudding. This PP bowl adopts injection molding technology, which is transparent and clear. Consumers can see the contents of food from the packaging, especially those products with high fat content

in order to hold hot food, the bowl itself is very tough and practical. It can be used for microwave heating and prevent grease at the same time. After filling food, the bowl surface can be sealed for convenient transportation. In addition, consumers do not need to worry about safety, because the bowl handle does not transfer heat and can be picked up immediately after heating. At present, this product has three sizes: single person, family and multi person. If the customer's order is large, the common ones are: the processor can also consider changing the color of the bowl

the company also produces various types of meat products trays, which brings good news to meat products enterprises that need microwave heating. This kind of tray can be divided into single grid or multi grid, and the selection range of cover is very wide

Ishida recently acquired quality systems handling, which brings new opportunities for the company's development in the field of convenience food

Ishida has advanced tray packaging technology, which can improve the packaging image of microwave heated meat products. The accuracy of weighing and filling is crucial to the appearance of the final package. Manufacturers can stabilize the packaging speed, efficiency and product quality by optimizing the packaging assembly line, while saving costs and labor. Moreover, Ishida's internal cutting tray sealing system saves the amount of film and makes the appearance of the entire tray very neat

"the new equipment is mainly used for the packaging of meat products with regular shapes such as hamburgers. Compared with the existing production line, the equipment is faster, smaller and more efficient." Ivan Reeve, sales director of Europack, said

sharp Interpack has developed a new microwave PP tray, which has a wide range of choices in shape, color and size. The tray can be used to pack baked or fresh fish, poultry and meat products, food cooked after coating bread, prefabricated food, convenience food and prefabricated vegetables. In addition, the company also produces double or three grid trays, which can hold boxed meals and other food

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