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Southwest Futures: long and short intertwined Tianjiao weak shock

this week, the main month of Shanghai Jiao gradually shifted from 0809 contract to 0811 contract. Shanghai Rubber fell again under the pressure of the sharp fall in crude oil and the fall in Japanese rubber. This week, the main force of Shanghai Rubber fell from 0811 to 27120, with a minimum of 25605, and fell by more than 1500 points this week. With the support of the spot, Shanghai Rubber pulled back from the low point, and the long and short sides fought at the 26000 important level. The trading volume increased significantly and the position also expanded

affected by the sharp fall of crude oil and the sharp rebound of the yen this week, Japanese rubber also fell sharply this week, Li Dong, director of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology. In particular, on Wednesday, the short jump fell below the trend line, the fund's position was reduced, and the main long Mitsubishi futures significantly reduced its position by more than 2000 hands. Similarly, as the international spot price is still strong, some spot traders have established long positions at low levels, giving some support to the price

from the stock of the exchange, although the stock of Shanghai glue rose from the low level in the past few weeks, the increase was small, and the inventory was still at a historical low. This week, the stock of Shanghai glue decreased by 1020 tons again, and the inventory was only 21375 tons. At the same time, the Japan Rubber Trade Association announced that the inventory of Japanese rubber continued to decline on June 30, only 9152 tons. Tianjiao may get short-term support after the decline due to the reduction of inventory again

recently, with the sharp decline in crude oil prices and the gradual increase in the supply of new rubber, according to the above ideas, the natural rubber market is facing great pressure. With the soaring international gasoline prices, the production and sales of international cars have declined, which also affects tire enterprises and rubber demand, further increasing the pressure on the natural rubber market. However, in terms of the short initial clamping force period, as the supply and demand of natural rubber has not reached balance, the spot price is still strong and the rise of crude oil raises the price of synthetic rubber, these positive factors will inhibit the decline of natural rubber. Pay attention not to make the probe contact two measuring pins at the same time. In the short term, supported by the stock and inventory reduction again, Tianjiao will still be weak and volatile, and should not be sold short. It is recommended to wait and see for a while

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