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Southwest project: UAV has "wings" for safety supervision

"look, there is a UAV over the well pad."

"don't be nervous. This is our own security monitoring drone."

at the large acidizing construction site of Mingyu 1 well, a UAV was hovering over the high-pressure area. A few minutes later, it flew one by one from the pump truck and the high-pressure manifold, and flew to the acid tank area along the pipeline

since this year, Southwest Engineering downhole operation branch has continued to strengthen safety control, taking safety as the premise of all work. In addition to being comprehensive and strict in the management process, it has also made full use of all kinds of advanced equipment to constantly improve the all-round safety control system, and drone monitoring is a new measure implemented this year

"with drones, the supervision in the well pad is easier than before. I can fly wherever I want, regardless of the terrain and construction links. I can see the situation in the well pad at any time and feel more secure." Xiao Wei, the on-site safety officer, stared at the screen and introduced while operating

fracturing is a high-risk industry. During the construction process, the pipeline is under the pressure of tens of megapascals, and the safety officer cannot enter the high-pressure area for safety inspection. The traditional fixed-point video monitoring method is also in the dead corner of the line of sight. Once there are safety hazards or emergencies on the site, it may not be found at the first time. In view of this situation, the southwest underground has introduced unmanned aerial vehicles for on-site monitoring through investigation

UAV has natural advantages. The United industry consumption impact testing machine is divided into manual pendulum impact testing machine, semi-automatic impact testing machine, digital display impact testing machine, microcomputer controlled impact testing machine, non-metallic impact testing machine, etc. it is not limited by terrain, can fly in equipment, pipeline, tank group and other areas, and can hover for a long time for static observation. Some details can also be carefully checked by adjusting the focal length. During the monitoring process, the operators do not need to enter the well pad. Through the flat panel and operating handle, they can view the situation in the field from a long distance, and take photos and videos. Once hidden dangers are found, the on-site commanders can use photos and videos to prevent conflicts; 9. The fasteners of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine should be locked regularly. It can be expected that the vibration after the specimen is broken will often make some fasteners retreat for discussion and decision-making, and quickly make countermeasures. At the same time, UAV monitoring also increases the scope of on-site safety patrol. If the safety officer only patrols the well pad back and forth, it will take a long time, and the high-pressure area, pipeline area and wellhead area cannot be accessed, so there is a patrol blind area. However, the UAV can quickly reach any position of the well pad to complete the real-time dynamic monitoring of the whole well pad. Even in the high-pressure area during fracturing operation, it can also hover for close observation. From the aspects of coverage area, patrol timeliness, providing information support for construction, UAV is more effective and faster than traditional methods

at present, UAV monitoring has been used in many well pads such as Mingyu 1 well and Fenggu 1 well, and remarkable results have been achieved. Next, UAV will have more room to play in shale gas platform well fracturing, large horizontal well fracturing and large-scale acidizing construction. (tangwenqiang)

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