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The development trend of new glass, what kind of heavy responsibility will new glass undertake in the future

in recent years, many manufacturers around are looking for new materials that can perfectly replace metal materials, because they need to make the shell thinner, more gorgeous and more innovative to attract the attention of consumers who have aesthetic fatigue. New glass appeared in our eyes. So, what kind of design responsibility will new glass undertake in the future

further optimization of bendable materials

all major smart brands are trying to subvert smart design with flexible screens. This can also be said to be a design breakthrough of innovative glass in the field of intelligence. Whether this material and this technology can be perfectly put into application and production is the focus of suppliers' thinking

therefore, we conducted an in-depth investigation on Intelligent suppliers, designers and ordinary people to see what role new glass will play in the future intelligent R & D process

after investigation, it was found that:

18% of the participants hoped that the future smart screen could use non fragile glass materials

17% of the participants were very fond of the flexible ultra-thin glass market

23% of the participants believed that glass or microcrystalline glass materials could Bayer integrate 150 proposals and reports to effectively improve the existing smart fragile problems

at the same time, 14% of the participants were optimistic about the folding and bending glass market, But I am also worried about the multiple severe challenges it faces

in the face of the above challenges, as 87 eco can be said to be the perfect solution for suppliers:

1. Schott as 87 eco applies the patented pull-down method to meet the experimental measurement needs of different materials. The production technology can be mass produced and supplied in the ultra-thin thickness range of 70 – 350 microns

2. Compared with the same type of thinned glass, the thickness tolerance of Schott as 87 eco is only ± 10 μ m. Even smaller. Therefore, it can have smaller TTV and warpage, so as to maximize the intelligent curvature design. Improper application may constitute the error of the experiment

3. Using the original fire polishing technology, Schott as 87 eco gives the ultra-thin glass a beautiful appearance, low surface defects and high finish, making the intelligent appearance design more diversified

the era of intelligence has come. Innovative glass solutions can fundamentally solve the bottleneck of intelligent design and realize more creative possibilities

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