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Southwest Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong fluctuated sharply, waiting for the moment

today, OPEC will hold an emergency meeting, with the lead screw transmission and rack transmission to complete the tensile, tightening, zigzag, shear and other mechanical property experiments of the samples. The market is expected that OPEC will adopt the decision to reduce production at the meeting, which will promote the crude oil to rise slightly last night ". Japanese rubber opened higher in the morning supported by the rise of crude oil, but under the influence of the general environment that the financial crisis will lead to the slowdown of rubber demand, Japanese rubber fell after the high opening, with a large intraday fluctuation; Shanghai glue fluctuated violently in the intraday trading today, and the overall bad environment put pressure on the rebound of Shanghai glue. However, this round of decline of Shanghai glue has approached the starting price of the rising market in 2005, and the space for Shanghai glue to continue to fall sharply is limited. Recently, the rubber producing countries have taken measures to reduce production to protect the price of raw rubber and the news of OPEC production reduction is expected to support the rebound of crude oil. At the same time, the domestic spot standard rubber price has always remained relatively low, so Shanghai rubber will still fluctuate significantly in this position. In terms of operation, it is suggested to wait and see for new opportunities if the quality is stable

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