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Southern Telecom helps real estate enterprises work more efficiently. The wave of Internet + has swept the country, and the real estate industry is facing the transformation from traditional office to modern communication and cooperation office. How can we keep pace with the times and take the lead? Let's take a look at the solution of Greentown group

with the rapid development of business in recent years, the standard definition video conference of Greentown group in its early years gradually failed to meet the demand. In 2011, I came into contact with the concept of the conference on the separation of use and management of Putian's southern Telecom, so I started a six-year cooperation journey

starting from the planning, China Southern Power has customized a high-definition video conference system combining hardware and software. After year-on-year expansion to 2016, it has covered 22 provinces across the country, 120 sets of hardware conference terminals and several software terminals. At the same time, the application is gradually extended to the cloud, which enables the employees of the group to extend the elongation of people at any time, at any place and on any equipment ε ? Font-family: Arial; Font-size: 12pt "osteophyte MG-63 cells are inoculated into scaffolds for 4 weeks of remote high-definition audio and video communication, and can be integrated with OA system through Ruizhi Huiguan to uniformly manage national conference points.

how to realize Cloud Applications? We have built a cloud cross-border platform (WEB suite) for the group Deploy baolitong three piece set, establish MC resource pool to reduce experimental costs, and form a webrtc solution based on HTML5 to reduce the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal. Employees of the group can not only join the meeting directly through the web browser, but also make appointment and schedule the meeting through the web browser, and hold a timely meeting. At the same time, the meeting information can be notified to those who need to attend the meeting by email. In the first half of 2016 alone, the total meeting time of the group was nearly 3000 hours

advantage application

the 1080p60 frame cloud video solution within the domestic dedicated line can reach 1080p high-definition resolution for both character images and content, with a frame rate of up to 60fps and audio quality of up to 22khz broadband high fidelity, bringing theater level experience to participants

ultra clear access capability: whether it is, pad, PC, web browser, or the original standard definition equipment, analog voice phone, VoIP, it can be accessed to the conference through various networks (such as 3G, 4G, WiFi, IP, PSTN) to realize real-time interaction of voice and video

perfect backup guarantee mechanism: through the construction of cloud collaboration controller dma7000, the port resources of all MCU are virtualized into a super large resource pool, so that cloud video applications are popularized. Software terminals join the club as hardware backup schemes, and the above backup schemes ensure long-term stable operation

user evaluation

since 2011, we have chosen Nanjing Putian Southern Telecom and Polycom. We have never doubted the product quality and after-sales service. From the current use situation, the system construction and implementation and actual effect of the first two phases have met our expectations. The third phase breaks the tradition, realizes the concept of cloud cross-border and cloud media, provides diversified applications, and makes our business more convenient and fast, Thank you very much

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