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Southern Telecom: hybrid cloud has become a better way to deploy enterprise video conferencing

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recently, the 2019 Global Enterprise Cloud index survey and Research Report released by nutanix, the leader of Enterprise Cloud Computing, showed that global enterprises are actively preparing to invest in hybrid Cloud Architecture. 85% of the respondents in 2019 said, Hybrid cloud is an ideal enterprise IT operation mode

the same trend exists in enterprise video conferencing. A few years ago, many enterprises found that the deployment of video conferencing system using public cloud can greatly save early-stage capital expenditure. With the changing business environment, enterprises gradually find that a single cloud strategy can not meet the needs of complex audio and video conferencing collaboration, and hybrid cloud has become the general trend. The continuous upgrading and deepening of video conference application technology is also enough to support this innovative application, and even realize the unified control of hybrid cloud video conference

poly g7500 video conference room

a manufacturing enterprise in Wuhan has been established for more than 30 years and has a huge organizational scale and business network. The original network video conferencing software can not provide a stable remote HD audio and video communication effect. After understanding it, southern Telecom created a new hybrid cloud video conferencing solution for it. The video conference system after putting into use is composed of hardware video conference terminal, mobile video conference software/app and hybrid cloud platform, which not only realizes the high-definition and stable presentation effect of video conference room (special), but also has the flexibility and stability of public access. At the same time, it can uniformly control all devices on the hybrid cloud video conference platform, which is very easy to use and manage, Bring satisfactory remote audio and video collaboration experience to the enterprise

system architecture diagram

network topology diagram

advantages of hybrid cloud video conference system:

hybrid deployment: 1) manage virtualization deployment, platform hardware deployment, and make full use of existing resources of the enterprise. 2) Public cloud and private cloud are deployed in a mixed manner, and each draws on its strengths

public private mutual backup: public cloud and private cloud are backup to each other, and private cloud platform or private line failure can be switched to public cloud platform. If the public cloud fails, you can switch to a dedicated line for meetings

information security: through hybrid researchers using finite element technology, they use commercially mature software (ABAQUS cloud customs to connect public cloud and private cloud platforms, and all platform equipment is deployed in the firewall, ensuring the privacy and security of important meetings of private cloud platforms.

easy to use and easy to maintain: 1) hybrid cloud will manage one click operations from the beginning to the end of the meeting. Special meetings (such as senior leaders) are allowed to organize independently. 2) The conference room has greatly improved the experience of participants through the intelligent conference tablet with one button and two streams. Even the well cover pressure tester, which is widely used, has changed the planning of enterprises for the application of conference rooms in the future. 3) Enterprises only need to maintain the consolidation offset between a parent company and a subsidiary company, which also makes people doubt the MCU. The public cloud does not need to be maintained by special personnel arranged by enterprises

uc upgrade: Reserve interfaces for building UC integration platform in the future to realize smooth upgrade

subsequent application expansion of hybrid cloud video conference system:

further improvement of private cloud system, and the system is upgraded to poly Boyi (formerly Polycom) clariti cloud platform

construction of enterprise voice telephone system and integration with video conference system

the hybrid cloud will connect with the enterprise OA system and the enterprise number to achieve a fully autonomous process

construction of conference information release system, giving consideration to enterprise publicity

Microsoft office365 system integration

hybrid cloud video conferencing seems to provide enterprises with the advantage of having the best of both worlds. It can not only reduce the resource cost at one time, but also ensure the stability and flexibility of remote audio and video cooperation. To a great extent, it meets the workload production needs, business needs and budget needs of enterprises in collaboration. Search Southern Telecom and try cloud video conferencing immediately

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