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The installation of wooden doors is a link worthy of attention when decorating the house. The quality of installation is related to the safety of the house and the service life of wooden doors. The following tree life summarizes the methods and precautions for the installation of wooden doors

before installation:

there is a little secret: in a limited space, the higher the door leaf, the better it looks. Especially for wooden doors with decorative lines, the door leaf is low, and the proportion is not so coordinated. It certainly looks not as good as the effect of the exhibition hall

1. The wooden door must be horizontally placed on the ground before installation (the stacking height should not exceed 1 meter), and do not lean against it to avoid deformation

2. Before installation, the door opening must undergo necessary moisture-proof and anti-corrosion treatment

3. Try to avoid outdoor sunlight for a long time to prevent the wooden door from being heated

4. Prevent the wooden door from abnormal impact or contact with corrosive substances

after installation:

1. Under normal circumstances, the door leaf should remain closed

2. In the process of use, if the hinge and door lock become loose, tighten them immediately. When the hinge makes a sound when opening and closing, oil should be injected

3. Please do not use too much force when opening the door lock and turning the handle, so as to avoid reducing the service life of the lock due to improper use

4. If the humidity and temperature of the environment on both sides of the door body are quite different, the door leaf should be kept open to avoid the door body deformation caused by uneven humidity and temperature on both sides

precautions for wooden door installation:

1. When handling solid wood door panels, try to avoid scratching or bumping the door frame and leaf. When placing the door frame and leaf, it also needs to be placed on the indoor horizontal ground that is not exposed to direct sunlight but has good ventilation. Remember to place the door frame and leaf diagonally, which is easy to damage the door frame and leaf

2. The installation of wooden doors must be carried out after the installation of the hole ground works (such as floor tiles and stones), and after the wall putty is scraped and polished (the holes where wall tiles and stones are required to be pasted on the wall must be pasted to the side of the hole), the installation steps of wooden doors can be carried out

3. The installation method of wooden door must use the reserved hole installation method, and it is strictly forbidden to use the method of installing while laying

4. Check the humidity of the hole wall when installing the wooden door. If the humidity of the hole wall is installed < 25%, then the installation can continue normally; If the wall humidity of the installation hole > 25%, the moisture-proof isolation layer shall be made on the installed wall

5. If the wooden door is installed at the corner wall or t-wall, a "false wall" with a face width of not less than 50mm shall be made on the side without door stack before installation. Of course, the width of the false wall here can be determined according to the line width to avoid the asymmetry of the door sidelines displayed on both sides

6. If the door frame is made of MDF material, screws should be used to splice the door frame; If the door frame is made of multi-layer board or solid wood board, iron nails can be used to fix the door frame

7. When installing the door frame, be sure to adjust the verticality of the door frame to avoid damaging the door frame due to the drying and swelling effect of the foaming agent

8. Since there may be lines on both sides of the door frame, the power operation should be standardized when installing the door frame

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