Spring Festival is going to bring new life to your

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The new year brings a new atmosphere, and the new year will change

change a hairstyle,

put on new clothes,

put on a carpet for the living room,

put on a nice vase, insert a bunch of flowers

let yourself and family,

exude "new" vitality from the inside out

"rejuvenate" can be understood as a kind of "breaking away",

re-examine the relationship between yourself and objects,

the new year is a new beginning, let's make life bright

eichen Sega smart home whole house intelligent control system

in the past year,

have the following things happened in your life

when I walked to the door, I found that I didn't bring the key

I searched my pocket, and the key was missing

I went home for entertainment, and I was drunk. I was not allowed to lock the hole

my relatives and friends to visit, and I couldn't open the door outside

my parents were old, prone to sudden serious diseases, and no one knew

I went out for travel, worried about burglars entering the house

I went out for work, and suddenly fell in a rainstorm, and I was surprised that the window was not closed


in the new year,

2019 new year,

bring new life to our family, let's start again

add a series of smart homes to your home,

Aishen Sega will create a cool and safe home with a full sense of technology for you

home safety is under control

the car can be started with one click, and your home also needs to reduce the burden

Aichen Sega intelligent whole house customization takes the Internet of things and big data as the intelligent control platform, integrates traditional home products such as doors and windows, cabinets, and wardrobes, and creates a whole house intelligent one-stop home experience platform to provide you and your family with a safer, healthier, and more comfortable home living space

home safety is a topic of concern for every family. The whole house security system of Aishen Sega, with fingerprint lock to open doors and windows, is convenient and safe; There is a one button home/one button home mode, which automatically starts virtual home modes such as voice, music and light when traveling out, so that thieves can make wrong judgments and eliminate the year of burglary

door and window safety assurance system: innovative hand-operated children's protective window to prevent children playing by the window from accidentally falling. The cool wind double hung window can both ventilate and guard against theft. The atomized dimming glass allows you to have an unobstructed view. One click adjustment can also protect privacy. Children's protective windows with innovative hand-operated design prevent children from falling accidentally; Cool wind double hung window anti-theft ventilation, special glass atomization to protect privacy

eichen Sega healthy human body kitchen has a self-developed multi-functional system, so that you can have a healthy life: kitchen lampblack control system, scientific smoke exhaust, save your health; Seven anti cockroach systems and high-temperature drying and disinfection system can completely isolate your kitchen from cockroach pests and bacteria; Ultrasonic water tank can effectively remove 99.7% pesticide residues; Exclusive patented countertop drain design makes cleaning your kitchen easier! Popularize scientific food knowledge and collocation, and be your resident dietitian

its self-developed healthy companion system, when you turn on the indoor sleep mode, the sleep music is turned on, and the multifunctional wardrobe and other household appliances release the negative ion Atlantic air that helps sleep, creating a comfortable deep sleep for you; At the same time, it also has an air quality management system, which can monitor the indoor and outdoor air in real time, scientifically ventilate, release negative ions and aromatic gases, and ensure the health of your family

smart home decoration and smart home came into being in the new era. Through continuous exploration and improvement, the Aichen Sega smart whole house customized brand enables technology to create a better life and let intelligence enter life. It is committed to providing consumers with a safer, healthier and more comfortable one-stop home service experience with high-quality products and comprehensive home demand solutions. From March 26 to 28, 2019, the Aichen Sega smart whole house customized brand grandly participated in the Shanghai Construction Expo, which will give you a close experience of the future zhihuijia with a strong sense of technology

Aishen Sega participated in Shanghai Construction Expo

● exhibition time: March 26-28, 2019

● exhibition address: Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center

● booth number: 4.1f206

home decoration event, we are waiting for you to come and start happiness 2019 together

meet at the 2019 Shanghai Construction Expo, and see you at the 4.1f206 Pavilion of Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center





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