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Wang Lu

when it comes to decoration, people who have experienced it suddenly get two big heads when they hear these two words. Before the novices fantasize about pastoral style and European and American style, rong360 small editor will teach you to recognize the reality and uncover the five traps in decoration

one, five traps

trap one: free design? How possible

some design companies display signs that are designed for you free. However, free is not equal to no money at all. The design cost is zero, and the construction price is high. Or when users are not satisfied with the design and change the design scheme again, they may charge

trap 2: the content of the contract is false

signing the contract is definitely not everything. Does the qualification of the other party meet the construction requirements? Whether the decoration materials, process requirements, construction period, acceptance methods and quality assurance are specifically reflected and required in the contract should be comprehensive

trap 3: take away the advance payment

if the construction party requires to prepay 30% to 40% of the material preparation and mobilization fee at the beginning, then we should be vigilant. It is necessary to guard against people. A few employees and even the boss run away when they get a large amount of advance payment

trap 4: it is impossible to prevent using materials

if you buy materials yourself, some bad construction parties will charge kickbacks by introducing you to buy materials, and it is likely to use less, buy more, and take away more

trap 5: there is a problem with the delivery quality

once there is a quality problem in some concealed works, such as water, electricity, doors and windows, it cannot be solved by repeated rework, which not only costs money, manpower and time, but also affects future occupancy, which is annoying

second, the six links that must be vigilant

1. Sewer pipeline

many owners will find that the sewer pipeline is blocked in less than a few days after using the newly decorated house, and then it takes a lot of effort to dredge him, and they are still wondering how the sewer of the new house is blocked

this is caused by the fact that the decorator didn't bother to dump the construction waste, so he used the sewer as a garbage dump. Therefore, when checking and accepting the house, we must use a lot of clean water to test whether the sewer is unblocked

2. Wire installation

electricians' favorite thing to do is not to connect wires according to the construction requirements. In order to save the trouble of frequently changing wires and wiring, you can use the same wire regardless of the size of your electrical appliances. If the wire is too thick, the cost is too high, and the owner suffers. If it is too thin, some electrical appliances with high power consumption are easy to burn the circuit when used

when checking and accepting the house, the owner can turn on all electrical appliances to see if the circuit is heated

3. Wall and floor tiles

when tiling, if the master is lazy and perfunctory, your wall and floor tiles will definitely have many empty places, and even uneven gaps, so try to look carefully during acceptance, and knock every piece

4. Line grooving

in some places, the installation of new lines requires re grooving, while some masters, in order to be convenient and fast, ignore the main wall and carry out barbaric construction, which is easy to cause damage to the main wall and the safety of residents can not be guaranteed. When a new line is to be built, the owner himself must be present for supervision

5. Wall painting

this kind of thing, the owner must be present to supervise the painter, and urge him to strictly follow the proportion of seasoning, painting is strictly in accordance with the order, and the wall grinding, primer and other processes can not be saved. And the owners carefully compare the brands and carefully check the packaging to avoid being replaced by the decoration company

6. Ceiling

ceiling is a very easy place to make an article. Even if the owner selects the ceiling materials, keel, etc., it is likely to be replaced with inferior materials during installation, especially keel, which can't be seen when installed. The owner must pay attention to it




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