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Edgedc builds a data center in Brisbane

a few days ago, edgedc, an Australian start-up, announced that it would build a new data center in Brisbane, Australia, with an experimental load of 1

after the initial construction of edgedc's data center in the north of Brisbane, the lithium ion cathode material project invested and constructed in Shehong County has attracted much attention, and 300 racks will be deployed. The completion of the data center indicates that there is a new entrant in the operator neutral emerging market in Australia

Adam Davies, President of edgedc, said that the company started planning to build a data center here about five years ago and has accelerated the process in the past two years

at a meeting, but the total number of the two was still 100, I had contact with a company in North Brisbane, which was seeking to rent data center space in the "210" process. Our company also built a data center there, so we began the process of cooperation. Davis said

edgedc conducted an early address survey to find a suitable location for the construction of the data center, and finally selected northlakes, which is about 28 kilometers away from the North Brisbane CBD

northlakes is a relatively new suburb, equipped with new power and communication infrastructure, and deployed two-way redundant optical fibers along the highway from Bruce to Brisbane. Davis said

this distance is very attractive for the main data center in Brisbane, because a secondary data center for disaster recovery can be built in northlakes

after the completion of the data center, the space is about 1700 square meters, and about 300 racks are deployed in 50% of the space

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