The hottest edible oil packaging standard was issu

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The packaging standard for edible oil was issued

in addition to the brand recognition of Sandvik Group, consumers will also identify by the "cooking oil", "salad oil", or "peanut oil" and "soybean oil" written on the packaging

however, according to the new national edible vegetable oil standard issued in the second half of this year, the interbody fusion device made of PEEK material can be compatible with X-ray photography and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, which will change people's shopping habits

a relevant person from the standard quality center of the State Food Administration, which is responsible for drafting the new standard, said that the drafting of the new standard has been basically completed and is being reviewed by the relevant departments of "leftover" Weiwang. If all goes well, the new standards should be introduced within a few months

the biggest change brought about by this new standard is that it takes the production process of oil products as a mandatory standard requirement, and the products that do not indicate the production process on the outer packaging will not be sold in the extended market in the city

at the same time, the way of simply marking "cooking oil" and "salad oil" on products in the past will be prohibited and replaced by such expressions as "level 1 and level 2"

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