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There are still variables in the economic recovery, and the global polyurethane demand has recovered.

Peter Vanacker, member of Bayer Materials Technology Executive Committee and global head of polyurethane business department, experienced the difficulties of last year, and the global polyurethane demand showed an obvious recovery momentum in the first quarter of this year

Mr. fannard, global head of Bayer materials technology polyurethane business department, made a comparative analysis on the polyurethane demand of last year and this year at the puchina meeting held in Shenzhen yesterday. He said that last year, the global economy shrank seriously, the furniture and soft bubble industries fell seriously, and the demand for TDI fell sharply, but still reached a growth rate of 2%. MDI maintained a high-speed growth momentum from 2005 to 2008, but the demand fell to negative growth in 2009, with a ratio of about -5%. However, with the improvement of the economic situation and the explanation of the significance of the location of the conference in Baoding, in the first quarter of this year, the demand for TDI increased by 6%, and the demand for MDI reached double digits. Therefore, it can be inferred that the global economy is improving

he also said that although there are variables in the economic recovery, such as the debt crisis in some European countries, Bayer looks at the global market and generally tends to be a) premium products (a); The potential will not change. Especially in China, the demand for polyurethane in 2009 increased by 10%, while the growth in the first quarter of this year has reached 15%

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