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Training: "do the right thing" and "do the right thing"

Case: the trainer of an enterprise consults. In his enterprise, the leader attaches great importance to the training work. There are many training activities for internal trainers, and there are many opportunities for expatriate learning. The training has formed a fixed and procedural mode. However, he has always had a question that he has no way to know which training activities are necessary and which training activities are correct or incorrect in the process of enterprise development? And in the process of operation, which practices need to be improved and when

I recently read a Book - "doing the right thing and doing the right thing". Combined with the problems and doubts of the case, I think I can explain it with some views in the book, hoping to give some enlightenment to the friends who provide the case

undoubtedly, training activities should first do "the right thing", identify the right thing, and you need to find a breakthrough point and know where to start; Therefore, you have to monitor your training roadmap frequently to determine whether you are moving in the right direction of training

the key to solving the problem is to do the right thing first, otherwise it may get half the result with half the effort, or even ineffective labor at all. There is a story like this: one day, the zoo keeper found that the kangaroo ran out of the cage, so he held a meeting and agreed that the height of the cage was too low. So he decided to increase the height of the cage from ten meters to twenty meters. As a result, the next day he found that the kangaroo still ran outside, so he decided to increase the height to 30 meters. I didn't expect to see all the kangaroos running outside the next day, so the administrator was so nervous that he decided to do nothing and increase the height of the cage to 50 meters

one day, giraffes and some kangaroos were chatting, "do you think this person will continue to raise your cage?" Asked the giraffe

"it's hard to say." Kangaroo said, "if he continues to forget to close the door!"

obviously, the zoo keeper held a wrong meeting and made a wrong judgment. If he took the wrong key, it is certainly impossible to really solve the problem

there is another story: a group of loggers went into a jungle and began to clear the low shrubs. When they worked hard to clear this bush, straightened up and prepared to enjoy the fun of completing a hard work, they suddenly found that there was a jungle next to it, and that was what they needed to clear

the car broke down because it fully met the mechanical standard of pipe inspection, and you went to check the engine. That is obviously the modern version of our technical standard, which is absolutely true and reliable

workers may only need to make a simple judgment before logging, and make sure that the jungle they cut down needs to be cleared, so they won't have to work hard, but they did the wrong thing

therefore, for training activities, you need to know and judge whether you are doing the right thing

from the perspective of training, you only need to ask yourself four questions:

1. What does this training activity really want to do

2. Why do you have such an idea

3. What are you doing for this training activity now

4. Why did you do this

these are four simple questions, but if you can't answer or your answer can't even convince yourself, then you need to look at it. The training may be moving in the wrong direction

other aspects of the enterprise are the same. A good decision may make an enterprise flourish; A wrong decision may also be enough to cause a flourishing enterprise to fall into trouble and decline

The story of Ford is a good example. Ford has improved efficiency and reduced costs by inventing new production processes, making model t the most dominant model, thus changing the history of the automotive industry. Ford, the founder of the company, even smashed a car different from the Model T in order to strengthen the efficiency of the enterprise and prevent the behavior contrary to the efficiency. Later, people's income increased, and consumers needed more luxurious models. Ford did not adjust its direction in time, while general motors seized this opportunity to meet the market demand and become a new auto industry leader. Ford fell from the position of leader because they didn't follow up the changes in time and make the latest adjustment strategy

doing the right thing is like a sail on a ship, and doing the right thing is equivalent to an oar on a ship. The sail can control the direction of the ship; The final achievement of the predetermined goal is inseparable from the propeller that provides the power that must be amplified by the amplifier

the formulation of enterprise strategic objectives solves the problem of "doing the right thing", and the management mechanism solves the problem of "doing the right thing"

the premise of correctly organizing training is to do the right training. If there is no such premise, correctly organizing training may become meaningless. Therefore, we should first do the correct training, and then organize the training correctly

aim first, then shoot! Shooting without aiming is meaningless! The correct training determines the direction, and the correct organization of training determines the ultimate success or failure of training

a British newspaper once held an activity to solicit high bonuses. The title is as follows: on an insufficiently inflated hot air balloon, there are three scientists who are related to the rise and fall of the world. The first is an environmental protection expert. His research can save mankind from death due to environmental pollution. The second is a nuclear expert, who has the ability to prevent global nuclear war and save the earth from extinction. The third is a grain expert, who can successfully grow food in barren areas with professional knowledge, so that tens of millions of people can escape the fate of famine and destruction. At this moment, the hot air balloon is about to crash, and one person must be thrown out to reduce the load so that the other two can survive. Which scientist should I leave behind

after the issue was published, letters flew in like snowflakes because of the huge amount of bonuses. In these letters, everyone did their best to express their views. The final result revealed that the winner of the huge bonus was a little boy

his answer is to throw out the fattest scientist

friend, are you right? When people are discussing which scientist to lose, no matter which one they choose, they have reason to think they are right. But the little boy was the ultimate winner, and his answer was also the most convincing

the balloon is about to crash. What we need to solve most is how to reduce the weight of the balloon. Therefore, the most important thing we should do is to throw down the fattest scientist, which is the most correct thing we should do. And only 3. The machine can also do the steel tube zigzag experiment by adding accessories. It is meaningful to discuss other things under the condition of ensuring that the balloon will not fall, that is, it can do things correctly

after determining to do the right training, in order to achieve the goal, we need to subdivide the training according to the importance and urgency of things, and combine the focus of the company's development, and arrange the processing sequence and work schedule accordingly, so as to achieve excellence and efficiency. If we don't choose the right training, our actions will become aimless, and what's worse, we may go further and further on the wrong road

first ensure the correct training, and then correctly organize the training to ensure the final realization of the goal. It sounds easy, but it's not so easy to do

a friend once mentioned such a thing. Once, he had the honor to listen to Michael Porter's speech on the spot. Although there are amazing words coming out of Potter from time to time, he didn't hear any earth shattering opinions and cures in the shortest time. The problem is that there has never been any way of "grasping and working". When the famous management master porter came to the podium and the entrepreneurs found that they did not get any panacea from Porter and left disappointed, it was not porter or those devout entrepreneurs who were wrong. The reason is that there is always a gap between theory and reality, and this gap needs to be shortened by ourselves

doing the right thing also means learning to choose and give up

it is not easy to do the right thing. In fact, it is sometimes difficult, but remember that doing the right thing is always right. (end)

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