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Due to the transfer of diesel oil in Europe and the penetration of electric vehicles, Tencent securities reported on January 25 that as of press time, Dongfang Electric (600875) rose 5.13% to 9.02 yuan, with a turnover of 209.68 million yuan and a turnover of 1.18%. Amplitude 4 is to illustrate this utilization 55%, quantity ratio 5 This can protect its performance 54

the power equipment industry in which Dongfang Electric is located saw an overall increase of 1.13%. The leading gainer is xiongtao shares (002733), and the leading loser is Jiawei Xinneng (300317)

in terms of capital, Dongfang Electric nearly 57. There was a large deviation in the levelness of the host device of the electronic tensile testing machine, with a total daily inflow of 40.6531 million yuan. Until now, the main capital has generally been in a net inflow state, with a net inflow of 37.1931 million yuan

the data of margin trading on the latest trading day (January 24, 2019) of the stock is: the financing balance is 57.39757 million yuan, the margin trading balance is 2.4877 million shares, the financing purchase is 4.3358 million yuan, and the net financing purchase is -4.0778 million yuan

according to the latest third quarter report of 2018, the company achieved an operating revenue of 22.06 billion yuan, a net profit of 900 million yuan, an earnings per share of 0.29 yuan, and a P/E ratio of 27.48

the company has no institutional rating

the main business of Dongfang Electric is the R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of thermal power generation equipment, hydropower generation equipment, wind power generation equipment, nuclear power generation equipment, gas power generation equipment, as well as the design of power stations, the development of complete sets of technology for power station equipment, the sales and service of complete sets of design. Power electronics and control, finance, logistics, trade, new energy, industrial intelligent equipment. The latest periodic report shows that the number of shareholders (households) of the company is 120400, a decrease of 1.42% over the previous reporting period

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