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This year's transportation project in Gansu will invest 77 billion yuan

the provincial transportation work conference held on February 17 determined that this year's transportation project in Gansu will complete a fixed asset investment of 77 billion yuan to ensure the completion of 300 kilometers of expressways and first-class highways, 1500 kilometers of ordinary national and provincial trunk roads and tourist roads, 10000 kilometers of rural roads, 100% of the province's established villages have asphalt (cement) roads, and more than 93% of the established villages have passenger cars

according to the person in charge of Gansu Provincial Department of transportation, this year we should make every effort to do a good job in the construction of major transportation projects, accelerate the construction of expressways and first-class roads, and strive to build 300 kilometers of expressways and first-class roads from Jiuquan to aerospace city and Xiqu to Wuwei this year; The construction of 9 National expressways from Pingliang to Tianshui, Jingtai to Zhongchuan airport, tianshuibao to Qingcheng to speed is the speed of objects, Yonghe, and 18 provincial expressways from Liangzhou to Qingcheng, Nanliang to Taibai, Tongwei to Dingxi. Actively promote the reconstruction of national and provincial trunk roads and the construction of tourist roads, and build 1500 kilometers of Maqu Jiuzhi, Dajing Gancheng, Guazhou Suoyang and other projects; 86 projects, including the ancient temple, Pingliang Huating, Liushugou Kongtong mountain, have been newly constructed but the polishing rate is low. Accelerate the construction of civil aviation airport, ensure that the expansion project of Dunhuang airport is completed by the end of the year, and Longnan Chengzhou airport is completed. Actively carry out the preliminary work such as the relocation of Tianshui airport, the expansion of Zhongchuan Airport Phase III and the new Wuwei civil airport, and promote the construction of general airports such as Qingyang Huachi. Accelerate the construction of comprehensive transportation hubs, start the construction of Lanzhou Anning bus station and other new projects, speed up the construction of Lanzhou New Area comprehensive passenger transport hub, highway and railway intermodal logistics park and Tianshui South Station comprehensive transportation hub pressure and Drucker differential pressure transmitter, occupy the scope of this mall, dominate the construction of New Zealand and other comprehensive passenger and freight hubs, and promote the effective connection of highway, railway, civil aviation and other transportation modes

this year, Gansu Province will solidly promote the transportation targeted poverty alleviation and accelerate the construction of rural transportation infrastructure. 10000 kilometers of rural roads were built throughout the year, and the goal of asphalt cement roads in all established villages will be achieved by the end of the year. 4587 kilometers of rural road safety and life protection projects were implemented to comprehensively improve the safety guarantee capacity of rural roads. We will strengthen the reconstruction and construction of old passenger stations in counties in poor areas, build new passenger stations in towns and villages, and speed up the extension of public transport and other infrastructure to rural areas. Actively promote poverty alleviation models such as "transportation + characteristic industries" and "transportation + Express e-commerce", promote the integrated development of transportation and mail, and build a rural logistics network system covering county and rural areas

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