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Transwitch releases HDMI integrated high-definition video interconnection receiver

hdplay (TM) video interconnection new product adopts transwitch American business communication HDP (TM) technology, which is the most advanced in the industry The fastest device ctiforum on March 30 (pantentine): transwitch Corporation announced the launch of HDMI (R) (high definition multimedia interface) and DisplayPort standard new integrated circuit (IC) series products that support any product on the market with the highest speed and highest image resolution, which is part of its new enterprise strategy of providing high-performance semiconductor products for high-definition (hd) multimedia

transwitch's patented HDP (TM) technology can now interconnect electronic products with HDMI (R) ports with devices that use DisplayPort, because HDP (TM) makes them seamlessly compatible. Therefore, the new series of hdplay (TM) integrated circuits of transwitch eliminates the expensive active conversion line. Consumers only need a passive cable to watch clear and bright videos stored on laptops, tablets and smartphones on high-definition TVs

the president and CEO of transwitch has a compact and stable structure; Official Dr. Ali khatibzadeh said, "the launch of hdplay (TM) products is an important milestone in the company's new growth strategy in the consumer electronics market. Last year, we launched a new growth engine strategy for the consumer products market, which is our first product in the process of implementing this strategy."

transwitch's new hdplay (TM) product integrates four HDP (TM) inputs and one HDMI (R) output. These products are the first batch of products that fully support the HDMI 1.4A resolution standard, including the highest resolution 4K x 2K for large screen TVs and the highest resolution 60Hz 3D 1080p for 3D TVs. In addition, other consumer electronic devices such as projectors and AV (audio/video) receivers will also be able to support the extremely high image capability required by the highest resolution 3D TV with the progress and development of science and technology. Hdplay (TM) is also fully integrated with high-speed Ethernet connection, which is convenient for connecting digital TVs and other household appliances. According to in stat, a leading market research company, the annual shipments of Internet TVs, set-top boxes, DVD players, game consoles and home cameras are expected to exceed 1billion by 2015, mainly due to buffer failure, "said queein Chang Manson, CEO of eelcee

in stat also predicts that in the coming years, DisplayPort will replace the existing video interconnection standards (DVI and LVDS) on PCs and PC peripherals, and form a market with an annual shipment of more than 300million units by 2014 ("in depth analysis of DisplayPort: DP, EDP and IDP are about to change the prospects of displays and PCs", January 2011). Many world leading technology companies, including apple, HP and Dell, are widely using DisplayPort ()

Amir bar NIV, vice president of transwitch systems and applications, said, "transwitch has a long history of providing excellent intellectual property IP cores that integrate our unique HDP (TM) technology. This makes us a leading provider of intellectual property cores in the fast-growing high-definition video market. We have used this technology to launch full integrated circuits to enable TVs, PCs, tablets and intelligence to communicate seamlessly with each other."

transwitch's new hdplay (TM) integrated circuit product supports audio return channel (ARC), HDMI port with HDMI Ethernet channel (HEC) and fast Ethernet 10/100 physical layer (PHY). In addition, the power consumption of all devices is very low, which supports the energy-saving strategy of equipment manufacturers

What is

hdp (TM)

hdp (TM) is a dual-mode physical layer (PHY) developed by transwitch, which can support HDMI (TM) 1.4 and DisplayPort (TM) 1.1 with a single physical layer without any conversion. The automatic detection capability of HDP (TM) can not only facilitate the connection between PC and HDMI (R) consumer electronic devices, but also greatly simplify software control, promote device size reduction, and reduce manufacturers' material costs

hdplay series product features and highlights:

four input HDP (TM) - HDMI (R)/displayport with automatic sensing circuit

single HDMI 1.4 output

phaswitch (TM) - fast port switching capability

10/100 Ethernet physical layer supporting RJ-45 port Ethernet

si upswing (TM) - improving signal integrity

dual 36 bit LVTTL parallel data i/o ports (txc-44143 only)

small package, low power consumption. CTI Forum Report

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