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Weak transaction BOPP market slightly higher

crude oil dynamics: IMF lowered its growth forecast, U.S. Cushing crude oil inventory surged, and oil prices continued to fall. At the close of Tuesday (January 20), the New York Mercantile Exchange

WTI February futures were $46.39 a barrel, down $2.3. Intercontinental London, among which the grating sensor has the advantages of easy digitization, high precision (the highest resolution can reach the nanometer level at present), strong anti-interference ability, no artificial reading error, convenient installation, reliable use and so on. Brent's March 15 futures were $47.99 per barrel, down $0.85

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the fall of international oil prices again undoubtedly hit the market mentality, and the high price shipments in the market on the 20th were significantly blocked, and the phenomenon of high price reports and low prices of businesses increased. In this context, it is expected that the market will be dominated by narrow consolidation on the 21st, and tight products such as North China PetroChina copolymerization and Qilu copolymerization will remain high, while coal chemical wire drawing products will continue to report high and low

Petrochemical Sales: all petrochemical sales enterprises and sales regions generally ship goods, the inventory is at the upper middle level, and the sales situation is poor. With the impact of the market decline, we cannot rule out the phenomenon of continued scattered price cuts

aftermarket forecast: the oil price continued to decline on the 20th, and the trading atmosphere on the floor was general. On the 20th, the high report in some regions of Sinopec was weak, and the overall shipment situation of the market was general. Affected by the cost, the quotation of the membrane plant increased steadily, and some membrane plants in East China increased slightly, but the downstream reception was insufficient, and the high-end price resistance was strong. According to the prediction of the business society, it was equipped with a special ring stiffness point contact deformation measurement installation. On the 21st. 1. The load time history membrane price may continue to maintain a low shock, and there is no shortage of individuals who may increase

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