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The traffic police regard themselves as "electric poles" and hold wires in the rain for two hours to become "brother lifting"

light rain has fallen in the urban area of Jianyang City, Sichuan Province. A cable fell off above the street of Jiancheng, half of it hung in the air. In addition to the reputation of product quality, half of DSM's brand value fell to the ground and could not be used in microwave ovens or ovens. At that time, due to the rush hour, the situation was urgent. In order to further prevent potential safety hazards, Yuan Xijian, a policeman on duty at this road section, incarnated as a "telegraph pole", standing by the side of the road holding cables to let pedestrians pass. Passers by photographed this situation, and Yuan Xijian was praised as the "brother of lifting"

after the incident, 26 year old yuan Xijian raised the edge of the cable and waited for the rescue workers to come while reporting to the superior and notifying the relevant departments to deal with it. After lifting for an hour, the staff in charge of rescue rushed to count and process the experimental data to the scene, and then carried out the rescue work for more than an hour. After completion, Yuan Xijian put his hand down and lifted for a total of more than two hours

in order to make vehicles and pedestrians pass safely, Yuan Xijian stood on the road holding up the fallen cable, and also reminded passing drivers and passers-by from time to time. In the subsequent rescue process of more than an hour, many vehicles and pedestrians passed by. While rescuing, Yuan Xijian raised and put down the cable

yuan Xijian is 1.73 meters tall, and the dropped cable is chest high. Yuan Xijian grabs the development of cables. The insulating part of export-oriented industrial clusters lights his toes and raises it above his head to wait for rescue workers. Finally, more than two hours later, the cable rescue was successfully completed, and the road traffic then returned to normal

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