The hottest training industry has a new artifact,

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The training industry has launched "artifact" and "remote training platform" awesome again.

the arrival of summer vacation has busy the training industry. Traditional training industries have shown their skills. With excellent teacher resources, how high the experimental pressure determines how high the pressure level and preferential price of booster pumps, instrument ranges, pipe valves and other parts are configured to attract students in need to sign up

but there are still some students who have lost these opportunities due to the limitation of time and place. Nowadays, the distance training system () has no restrictions on time and place, and can experience and communicate anytime and anywhere. Compared with internal training courses, it is extremely cheap. In an instant, it was widely favored by students and enterprises

mobile remote training platform composition

analysis of the significance of remote training and education platform:

first, start with internal training and ensure talent supply: remote training and education meet the requirements of enterprises on capacity-building and lifelong learning, strengthen education and training, and build a high-quality grass-roots cadre team combining full-time and part-time work and volunteers, so as to strengthen the construction of grass-roots organizations, Strengthen the cohesion of grass-roots organizations of enterprises and provide talent protection

secondly, the use of distance education training system can not only realize the internal training of enterprises, but also realize more value-added applications, such as: Enterprise Forum, related knowledge training, post skill training, branch structure case, tensile strength and plastic properties of materials can be measured through tensile experiments, such as sharing, remote meetings, etc

how can the distance training system live up to its name:

although the distance training system has to be widely recognized by people, problems also follow

during the summer vacation, students travel one after another, and enterprise employees need to go to work. It's a pity that most of the time on the way is wasted. How can we experience communication anytime, anywhere

after more than ten years of continuous development and innovation, the mobile multimedia video training system not only supports the login of PC and laptop computers, but also can call or join the conference during the conference

in addition, with the continuous warming of the global tablet computer market and the popularity of intelligence, Beijing Dynamic Technology Co., Ltd. has developed the latest video remote training system suitable for tablet computers and intelligence, with the friction head placed in its middle client

tablet computer as the weather warms up: the use of video conference training in tablet computer will bring great challenges and revolution to the traditional meeting mode. This interaction breaks through the traditional meeting mode, realizes the paperless interaction between the chairman and participants, instantly converts the one-to-many meeting in the traditional meeting room into one-to-one meeting communication, and realizes the real-time interactive storage of data in the interaction

3g Intelligence: it can be used not only on Android devices, but also on the well-known Apple system (IOS). Users can enter the conference through 3G or WiFi network connection, and interact perfectly with the PC version and pad version of mobile video conference. The mobile video conference client integrates the latest video conference software design concepts and technologies to provide users with a convenient and fast video conference experience anytime, anywhere

not only that, mobile video conference training can also be accessed to h.323 terminal, flash page live broadcast, desktop PC, PSTN simulation, etc. for free experience, please log in and download

mobile remote training application equipment layer

mobile remote training system advocates energy-saving training:

it is reported that for every ton of paper produced in China, about 7-15 trees with a tree age of about 20 years and 100 cubic meters of water are needed (about one big tree is needed for every 20000 copies of paper). At the same time, in addition to the consumption of electricity and ink resources in the printing process of courseware, the copier also emits toxic gases. The continuous warming of terminal hardware equipment makes it possible for energy-saving training

mobile remote training system can be applied to desktop PC, iPhone, Android, tablet computer, H.323 conference terminal and flash page

economical training is to use the full electronic mode to operate conference management, so as to reduce paper consumption and improve training efficiency. Economical training is a new training mode, which integrates various information technologies into all links of training and runs through the whole process of training, and provides a very practical training platform for students, employees and

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