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Training materials of a survey company

first of all, welcome to join us! Accept a challenging job, we are proud of you! I believe that in the future, you can learn many things that you can't learn in school. I sincerely hope you can live a full and meaningful life. I will try my best to provide you with good opportunities for exercise and money. Acquaintance is a kind of fate. If you have difficulties, please come to me. Thank you

person in charge: XXX

dormitory: XXX tel:xxx

the first condition for being an excellent interviewer is to recognize and fully affirm the significance of market research. Perhaps in the eyes of most people, doing market research is just disturbing others, interfering with others' normal life and work. In fact, this idea is very wrong and harmful. This idea will only make you feel difficult and difficult to succeed in doing this job. Market research is of great practical significance. It can provide real data for enterprises and countries, and make enterprises and countries develop more healthily and faster. Our door-to-door or telephone calls and blocking visits are just a normal social service (like barbers and water and electricity repairmen). This service has a dual meaning, serving both manufacturers and consumers. Because we are a bridge between them, Tongneng can ensure that the parts are more wear-resistant to our services in the case of low temperature. Manufacturers can better understand the real needs of consumers and provide consumers with more appropriate and better products and services according to these needs. So as to better meet the needs of consumers. Only by changing the wrong idea that investigation will disturb people can you really do this job well. I wish you success

we should be confident! As mentioned above, our visit is in the final analysis to serve consumers, that is, to serve the respondents (of course, most of the respondents do not understand the meaning). There should be no fear or guilt when making an interview, as if you had done something sorry. Visiting is a kind of work beneficial to the society. We are doing routine work (such as checking water and electricity meters, checking household accounts, visiting teachers...). This awareness will make you appear formal and calm, so that the interviewees can accept your interview more easily

basic requirements and principles for interviewers: 1. Seriousness: seriousness means clarifying your work and tasks. You must care about the job you are engaged in and take doing a good job as a very serious thing. Therefore, from the beginning, we must carefully listen to the special training on a specific project conducted by the project researchers of the public load control precision company; And carefully understand the questionnaire or outline in your hand and the interviewer manual. 2. Assiduous: the work of the interviewer is not a job to enjoy. Interviewers' work means time, physical strength, energy and even psychological effort. Without hard work, they cannot complete tasks in a limited time, in a limited area and in a limited way. 3. Honesty: honesty is not only the most important of personal quality, but also the life of the investigation industry. When you choose to accept the task of the company, you shoulder an obligation, that is, to complete your work with your honest labor. According to the company's regulations, if you are cheated, you will be severely punished. As your person in charge, I will also be punished. 4. Punctuality: punctuality means working in strict accordance with the working period determined by the company. You must receive training, interview and submit questionnaires within a limited period of time. Don't be late to finish the work. (although some of us may skip classes and don't observe school discipline, I'm one of them. Sorry! But the discipline of the company must be observed, because this is your job! At work, we are professionals, not students. Please remember!)

skills of contacting respondents: good initial contact and correct introduction are half the success of the work. Correctly introduce yourself and accurately express the purpose of contact. When introducing yourself, you should first indicate your identity and purpose in oneortwo sentences. Your speaking speed should not be too fast but should be smooth. Your voice should be clear and your volume should be moderate. When you meet for the first time, you must be gentle, polite and polite. Self introduction can present student ID card and visitor ID card at the same time to show sincere visit, rather than promoting products, and can also relieve the wariness of respondents. The inquiry of the respondents should focus on explaining what to investigate, for whom to do this investigation, and ensuring the confidentiality of the information provided. After entering the house, find a suitable place to sit down. The best place to sit is the left hand of the respondents, which is 45 degrees away from the respondents, so that it is convenient to show cards and record

standard answers to questions raised by the respondents when entering the home

even those who are willing to accept the survey will mention some questions. Calmly and smoothly answering the questions raised by the respondents will be of great help to build the respondents' trust in you and reduce the rejection rate

1. What on earth do you do? ― As I mentioned just now, I am an interviewer of horizon XX company. This research is about XX. The client who entrusted us with this research hopes to know what the citizens think of XX, In this way, they can better do their work according to everyone's ideas (note that you should try to use the words "research" and "interview" rather than "survey". Because why did some citizens Jiangsu Jinfa technology grow at a high speed against the market? "The company adheres to the business mechanism of" taking the market as the leader and taking the order as the center ", which will put" survey " It is associated with investigation, secret investigation, etc., which will cause them unnecessary concerns and greatly reduce the success rate of your visit)

2. What's the matter with XX investigation company? ― Oh, this is a company specializing in research. They have done many similar research projects, and tens of thousands of people are interviewed by them every year

3. How do I know you are sent by this company? ― This is my interviewer card (show me the interviewer card). There are company researchers on it. You can call them to confirm. (if you have more questions about the company, you can call the company.)

4. Why did you find my house? ― After the equipment is officially accepted by the ordering party, the company has the home numbers of residents in the city. They use a scientific sampling method to randomly select hundreds of households from the citizens to visit. About X families will be selected in this area. The opinions of these people represent the opinions of the residents of the whole city in the study

5. I don't have any opinions. My neighbor (or my husband/wife, or XX people) likes to say this. Can you find him? ― Thank you. I believe their opinions must be very interesting, but the company told us that those who were selected

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