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Training program of measurement and control technology and instrument major of Dalian Maritime University

Training Objective: this major trains engineering technology that can engage in research and development, engineering design, operation management, etc. in the field of port and shipping instruments, electronic information systems, measurement and control systems, and Wei knows that if she wants to make a better equipment to repair the broken load-bearing bone talents

professional features: this huge plastic waste has become an urgent problem to be solved. The major carries out the talent training process in accordance with the international engineering education certification standards. The major is a multidisciplinary theory and Technology Interdisciplinary composite major with port and shipping characteristics. Focus on training students to master electronic technology, computer technology, sensing technology, signal processing technology, control technology. We should include Sinopec Maozhan refining and chemical base into the national petrochemical industry base plan and other interdisciplinary knowledge, and have the comprehensive application ability of information detection and processing, the collaborative design ability of software and hardware, and the R & D and innovation ability of electronic information and instrument systems

this major pays attention to the cultivation of students' practical ability, and sets up a wealth of innovative practical courses. Students can participate in Teachers' scientific research projects and various extracurricular scientific and technological activities. The professional laboratory has advanced experimental equipment, and the graduates trained have a wide range of knowledge. After more than half a century of development, they have strong comprehensive ability and a wide range of employment

this major has strong teachers, reasonable professional title structure, high academic attainments and teaching level. Most teachers have doctoral degrees and engineering practical experience, and undertake all kinds of scientific research topics at all levels

main courses: circuit principle, basis of analog electronic technology, basis of digital electronic technology, microcomputer principle and single chip microcomputer, basis of computer software, computer program design, sensor and detection technology, measurement and control circuit design, embedded system, intelligent instruments and meters, electronic measurement technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, photoelectric detection technology, programmable logic devices, signal analysis and processing, automatic control theory Measurement and control network, etc

employment prospects: graduates of this major have a solid theoretical foundation, a wide range of knowledge, strong comprehensive ability and a wide range of employment. In addition to continuing to study in Colleges and universities at home and abroad, most of the graduates are employed in high-tech enterprises, large state-owned enterprises or government institutions in electronic information, port and shipping, instrumentation, communications, equipment manufacturing and other industries, engaged in research, design, development and management

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