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Wiggs has the production capacity of new APTIV film lamination

in order to further strengthen the application of PEEK polymer based thin films in the national post office, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the national certification and accreditation supervision and Administration Commission The National Standardization Administration recently jointly issued the "guidance on promoting green packaging in the express delivery industry". Weggs is a leading manufacturer in the field of film production. Weggs has recently installed a new high-temperature vacuum lamination system in its manufacturing plant in Lancashire, England. With this system, viggs can now bond APTIV film based on victrexpeek polymer production, which has entered the deep adjustment period, with a variety of other substrates without using adhesives. 5 gold tool torque detection is installed for the change strength test of various wrenches, and can also carry out the torsion strength test of various parts and wrenches change experimental mechanism parts The torsional test of parts and components can also be carried out by adding corresponding accessories. Mr. johngetz, global business director of APTIV film of weggs, said: "using this laminator, we can make full use of the unique thermoplastic properties of APTIV film, so that it can be hot laminated to other substrates. In practice, we melt APTIV film in a precise and controllable way, so that it is tightly bonded to other substrates, including metal, fabric, APTIV film itself and other polymer based films."

the maximum working temperature of this lamination system is 400 ℃ (752 Fahrenheit), which enables APTIV film to be bonded to other substrates in the melting state. Mr. Getz said, "the high temperature resistance of this system is its unique feature in processing thin films, and it can also be operated in a vacuum environment, so as to prevent bubbles and cavities in laminated products." The system has perfect control functions, including programming the temperature, pressure and vacuum cycle according to time or other parameters when using gram bags of sand. At the same time, it also has the function of high-precision pressure control of pressing plate - it can realize a variety of pressure curves with different levels according to the actual application needs. The maximum theoretical size of laminated products is 500 mm x600 mm

with this new production capacity, customers can combine the inherent characteristics of APTIV film with other materials (such as metal sheet, non-woven fabric and cloth) to develop new applications, so as to produce laminated materials with excellent comprehensive properties. Mr. Getz said: "With the new lamination production capacity, we can provide faster and more effective support for the verification and development process, so customers no longer need to look for other lamination suppliers, and the capacity and ability of external suppliers may not be able to provide support for the development work. Through the combination of APTIV film and other materials, we can help develop and optimize the lamination structure and lamination process. After the development work is completed, customers will Relevant information can be submitted to its internal lamination production department. Wiggs is also looking forward to providing direct support to the lamination production department to help them develop new APTIV film lamination structures. If customers are interested in our lamination technology, please contact us so that both parties can jointly explore business opportunities. "

APTIV film is made based on victrexpeek polymer, which is recognized as one of the best materials in the world. At the same time, APTIV film also has all the characteristics of the polymer, including: high temperature resistance, excellent chemical resistance, wear resistance and hydrolysis resistance, excellent mechanical properties, good barrier (penetration resistance) and electrical properties, first-class radiation resistance, high purity, low toxicity of combustible gases, etc., and its shape is ultra-thin and flexible

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